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The experience of breath as a therapeutic intervention - psychosomatic forms of breath therapy. A descriptive study about the actual situation of breath therapy in Germany, its relation to medicine, and its application in patients with back pain. Mehling WE Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd 2001 VIEW
Spiritual healing-scientific validation of a healing revolution, Prof. supplement Benor DJ 2002 VIEW
Spiritual healing-scientific validation of a healing revolution Benor DJ 2001 VIEW
High technology meets ancient medicine Moyer Scott J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2002 VIEW
Slow breathing increases arterial baroreflex sensitivity in patients with chronic heart failure Bernardi L//Porta C//Spicuzza L//Bellwon J//// Circulation 2002 VIEW
Urine retention and frequent micturition treated with qigong Shen Xiu-e Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
Ischemic necrosis in head of femur treated by new therapy of two-hand needle manipulation in qigong state: A report of clinical effects Huang Zhonglin Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 1991 VIEW
Effects of qi emissions on the structure and function of peritoneal macrophagocytes of mice Feng Lida//Chen Shuying//Chen Haixin//Wang Yunsheng Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
Fourteen Channel Exercise [Heavenly Circle Qigong] Li Zaikun Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
First, second and third set of walking exercises with moderate nose-breathing [Quo Lin qigong] Lin Guo Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
Sixty Cases of Cervical Spondylosis Treated with Qigong Feng Z//Lei Z//Wang D//Yao Y//// Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
Eyesight-improving qigong exercise effective for teenagers in treating myopia Lin Y//Zhang J//Gao J//Xu J///// Qigong & Health 1991 VIEW
Clinical study of yoga techniques in university students with asthma: a controlled study Vedanthan PK//Kesava LN//Nuthy KC//Duvall K//// Alergy Athma Proc 1998 VIEW
Yoga and coronary artery disease Machanda SC//Narang R Indian Heart J 1998 VIEW
Effect of ki exercise on cardiorespiratory variables in human. Kim, S.K., Joo, D.Y., Ryu, H. & Chung, H.T Research on Physical Fitness 1996 VIEW
Musical relaxation therapy on the cerebral arteriosclerosis Tang X//Yang F//Zhuang H Hunan Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao 1997 VIEW
Effects of breathing exercises on breathing patterns in obese and non-obese subjects Olsen MF//Loproth H//Bake B Clin Physiol 1999 VIEW
Mind-body therapy in the management and prevention of coronary disease Pandya DP//Vyas VH//Vyas SH Compr Ther 1999 VIEW
Studies on the psychosomatic functioning of ill-health according to eastern and Western medicine. 2. Anxiety-affinitive constitution associated with qi, blood, and body fluid--diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Takeichi M//Sato T//Takefu M Am J Chin Med 1999 VIEW
In Vitro Effect of Reiki Treatment on Bacterial Cultures: Role of Experimental Context and Practitioner Well-Being Rubik B 1, 2//Brooks AJ 3,4//Schwartz GE 4,5 VIEW
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