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Acupuncture Treatment Modulates the Connectivity of Key Regions of the Descending Pain Modulation and Reward Systems in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain Siyi Yu, Ana Ortiz, Randy L Gollub, Georgia Wilson, Jessica Gerber, Joel Park, Yiting Huang, Wei Shen, Suk-Tak Chan, Ajay D Wasan, Robert R Edwards, Vitaly Napadow, Ted J Kaptchuk, Bruce Rosen, Jian Kong J Clin Med 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
Mindful Medical Practice: An Innovative Core Course to Prepare Medical Students for Clerkship Tom A Hutchinson, Stephen Liben Perspect Med Educ 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
The Effect of Breath Pacing on Task Switching and Working Memory Maria Paula Bonomini, Mikel Val Calvo, Alejandro Diaz Morcillo, Florencia Segovia, Jose Manuel Ferrandez Vicente, Eduardo Fernandez-Jover Int J Neural Syst 2020 Jun VIEW
The Brain's Resonance With Breathing-Decelerated Breathing Synchronizes Heart Rate and Slow Cortical Potentials Thilo Hinterberger, Nike Walter, Christopher Doliwa, Thomas Loew Journal of breath research 2019 Jun 27 VIEW
Hypothesis: Pulmonary Afferent Activity Patterns During Slow, Deep Breathing Contribute to the Neural Induction of Physiological Relaxation Donald J Noble, Shawn Hochman Front Physiol 2019 Sep 13 VIEW
Understanding Resilience and Preventing and Treating PTSD Sarah R Horn, Adriana Feder Harvard review of psychiatry 2018 May-Jun VIEW
Stress Response Modulation Underlying the Psychobiology of Resilience Lynnette A Averill, Christopher L Averill, Benjamin Kelmendi, Chadi G Abdallah, Steven M Southwick Current psychiatry reports 03/28/2018 VIEW
Resilience for Health-An Emergent Property of the "Health Systems as a Whole" Joachim P Sturmberg Journal Eval Clin Pract. 2018 Dec VIEW
Biology, Genes, and Resilience: Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach Lucy Bowes, Sara R Jaffee Trauma Violence Abuse 2013 Jul VIEW
Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Resilience: Stress Habituation and Where to Intervene Jeanette M Bennett, Nicolas Rohleder, Joachim P Sturmberg Journal of evaluation in clinical practice 2018 Dec VIEW
Understanding Resilience: New Approaches for Preventing and Treating PTSD Sarah R Horn, Dennis S Charney, Adriana Feder Experimental neurology 2016 Oct VIEW
Adapting to Stress: Understanding the Neurobiology of Resilience Carlos Osório, Thomas Probert, Edgar Jones, Allan H Young, Ian Robbins 1 a King's College London. Behavioral medicine (Washington, D.C.) 2017 Oct-Dec VIEW
Understanding Resilience Gang Wu, Adriana Feder, Hagit Cohen, Joanna J Kim, Solara Calderon, Dennis S Charney, Aleksander A Mathé Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 2013 Feb 15 VIEW
Promoting Resilience in Medicine: The Effects of a Mind-Body Medicine Elective to Improve Medical Student Well-being Michelle K Williams, Irene M Estores, Lisa J Merlo Global advances in health and medicine 2020 May 21 VIEW
Changes in Perceived Stress After Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Education Interventions for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial Jonathan Berlowitz, Daniel L Hall, Christopher Joyce, Lisa Fredman, Karen J Sherman, Robert B Saper, Eric J Roseen Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.) 2020 Jun 4 VIEW
Nonpharmacologic Therapies in Patients With Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis Claudia C Dobler, Allison S Morrow, Magdoleen H Farah, Bradley Beuschel, Abdul M Majzoub, Michael E Wilson, Bashar Hasan, Mohamed O Seisa, Lubna Daraz, Larry J Prokop, M Hassan Murad, Zhen Wang Mayo Clinic proceedings 2020 Jun VIEW
Trait and State Interoceptive Abnormalities Are Associated With Dissociation and Seizure Frequency in Patients With Functional Seizures Akihiro Koreki, Sarah N Garfkinel, Marco Mula, Niruj Agrawal, Sarah Cope, Talia Eilon, Cassandra Gould Van Praag, Hugo D Critchley, Mark Edwards, Mahinda Yogarajah Epilepsia 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
On the Coupling of Mechanics With Bioelectricity and Its Role in Morphogenesis A Leronni, L Bardella, L Dorfmann, A Pietak, M Levin Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 2020 Jun VIEW
Effect of Home-Based Tai Chi, Yoga or Conventional Balance Exercise on Functional Balance and Mobility Among Persons With Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease: An Experimental Study Arva Khuzema 1, A Brammatha 1, V Arul Selvan 2 Hong Kong Physiother J. 2020 Jun VIEW
Falls and Older People: Preventative Interventions Alison E While British journal of community nursing 2020 Jun 2 VIEW
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