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Your DONATIONS support the QIgong Institute 

The Qigong Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting Qigong to improve health and healing by programs of research and education.

Donations benefit the educational and scientific programs of the Qigong Institute. All Officers and Directors are volunteers and there is no paid staff. All funds received go directly to operations and programs.

Donations support the following current activities:

  • Operation and maintenance of the Qigong Institute website and its contents
  • Qigong Institute podcasts

Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law

Additional funding is requested to:

  • Upgrade the Qigong Institute website and the Qigong and Energy Medicine Database™.
  • Carry out fundamental research on Qigong. 
  • Expand the Qigong Institute presence at trade shows, health fairs, and professional conferences to inform more of the public about the profound health benefits of Qigong and to help provide a catalyst for the incorporation of Qigong practice and therapy into our daily lives and medical practice.
  • Create a new Qigong documentary.
  • Create information about the health and healing benefits of Qigong for the public, government decision makers, medical professionals, and scientists.
  • Create sources of ongoing funding for the Qigong Institute.
  • Sponsor presentations on Qigong.

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