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Qigong Teachers and Schools


Academy of Qi Dao
Acupuncture and Health Clinic
The Alternative Therapists Partnership
Annette Franks, M.Ed - Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit
Applied Tai Chi and Qigong
Arnold Tayam's Qigong and Tai Chi
Ascent Wellness
Bodymind Healing Center
Bruno M Franck — Qigong, Healing, Meditation
Centered Living
Chi for Health
Chi Wellness, LLC
Chien Center
ChiLel Qigong
Crane Tiger Tai Chi
Cultivating Qi
Dao Within
DREAMSCAPES Dr. Marina Quattrocchi
East West Academy of Healing Arts
Emei Qigong
Empower Wellness
Empty Mountain
Energy Arts
Ferrari Center of Chinese Medicine
Golden Flower Tai Chi Association (USA)
Golden Shield Qi Gong
HappyQi QiGong
Healing Movements System
Healing Ways - Ken Cohen
Inner Balance Life Works
Innergy Centre LLC
Integrative Veterinary Medicine
Jade Power Qigong
Jade Squirrel Qigong
Jane Golden's Tai Chi
Joyce Krutick Craig
Kahuna Valley Retreat - Kauai, Hawaii
Kathy Joy
KC Healing Pathways
Lee Holden
Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School
Live Long Qigong
Living Tao Foundation
Mary Zelmer - intuitive spiritual healer 
Master Zhongxian Wu
Master Yuanming Zhang
Mindful Life By Design
Mindful Movement
Mindful Qigong
Morning Crane School Of Qigong
Moving Harmony
Nam Hoa Internal Arts
North Texas QiGong
Nourishing Life Qigong
Oslo Acupuncture and Qigong Center
Pacific Light and Power: Internal Martial Arts - Michael Shaman
Peter Caughey
Possible Society
Qi China International
Qigong 4 Healthy Aging
Qigong Dharma
Qigong Healing Center
Qi Mountain
Qi Recovery
Qigong and Daoist Training Center
Qigong for Good Health
Qigong for Staying Young
Qigong Me
Qigong with Bina
Qinway Qigong
Quebec Qigong
Relaxed and Alert
Rising Tao Productions
Santa Cruz Chi Center
Sharabella's Energetic Healing Arts
Simon Blow Qigong
Spiral Chi Center
Standing Crane
Smiling Heart Qigong Center
Start Living in Harmony
Stepping Stones to Health
Sue Crites
Supreme Science Qigong Center

TaoZen Life Practice
Tai Chi and Nutritional Medicine
Tai Chi Arts Tokyo
Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong
Tai Chi Concho Club
The Longevity Center
The Rising Lotus
The Seventh Happiness
The Tai Chi Space
Tilopa Tai Chi Qigong Center
Wellness Concepts PA
Wen Wu School - Wild Goose Qigong
West Michigan Qigong
White Tiger Qigong
Wild Coast Qigong
Wise Orchid Martial Arts
Women's Qigong
Wu Dang Tao
Wuji Productions Qigong Instruction and Study Trips
Zen Wellness
Ziang Center for Synergistic Healing