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Title Author Author Affiliation Journal Date
The Association Between Systemic Inflammation and Cognitive Performance in Healthy Adults Amir Ashraf-Ganjouei, Kamyar Moradi, Sayna Bagheri, Mohammad Hadi Aarabi J Neuroimmunology 2020 May 25 VIEW
The APPROACH Trial: Assessing Pain, Patient-Reported Outcomes, and Complementary and Integrative Health Steven B Zeliadt, Scott Coggeshall, Eva Thomas, Hannah Gelman, Stephanie L Taylor Clin Trials 2020 Jun 10 VIEW
The Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Cortical Emotion Processing in Different Brain Frequencies as Assessed Using the Cluster-Based Permutation Test: An MEG Study Mina Kheirkhah, Philipp Baumbach, Lutz Leistritz, Stefan Brodoehl, Theresa Götz, Ralph Huonker, Otto W Witte, Carsten M Klingner Brain Sci 2020 Jun 6 VIEW
Epithelial Tissue Geometry Directs Emergence of Bioelectric Field and Pattern of Proliferation Brian B Silver, Abraham E Wolf, Junuk Lee, Mei-Fong Pang, Celeste M Nelson Mol Biol Cell 2020 Jun 10 VIEW
Augmented Reality-Assisted Training With Selected Tai-Chi Movements Improves Balance Control and Increases Lower Limb Muscle Strength in Older Adults: A Prospective Randomized Trial Po-Jung Chen, I-Wen Penn, Shun-Hwa Wei, Long-Ren Chuang, Wen-Hsu Sung Journal of exercise science and fitness 2020 Sep VIEW
Insights in the Biology of Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields Exposure on Human Health Abbas Karimi, Farzaneh Ghadiri Moghaddam, Masoumeh Valipour Mol Biol Rep 2020 Jun8 VIEW
Toward a Refined Mindfulness Model Related to Consciousness and Based on ERP Charles Verdonk, Marion Trousselard, Frédéric Canini, Francois Vialatte, Céline Ramdani Perspect Psychol Sci 2020 Jun 8 VIEW
Tai Chi Exercise for Psychological Well-Being Among Adults With Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Ruth E Taylor-Piliae, Brooke A Finley Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2020 Jun 9 VIEW
Pain and Functional Scores in Patients Affected by Knee OA After Treatment With Pulsed Electromagnetic and Magnetic Fields: A Meta-Analysis Marco Viganò, Carlotta Perucca Orfei, Enrico Ragni, Alessandra Colombini, Laura de Girolamo Cartilage 2020 Jun 8 VIEW
Acute Physiologic Effects of Performing Yoga in The Heat on Energy Expenditure, Range of Motion, and Inflammatory Biomarkers Bradley S Lambert, Katherine E Miller, Domenica A Delgado, Kalyan Chaliki, Joshua Lee, Guillermo Bauza, Francesca Taraballi, David Dong, Ennio Tasciotti, Joshua D Harris, Patrick C McCulloch Int J Exerc Sci 2020 May 1 VIEW
Effect of Adding Proprioceptive Exercise to Balance Training in Older Adults With Diabetes: A Systematic Review Ayman A Mohamed, Yih-Kuen Jan Current diabetes reviews 2020 VIEW
Pain in the Body. Altered Interoception in Chronic Pain Conditions: A Systematic Review Daniele Di Lernia, Silvia Serino, Giuseppe Riva Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2016 Dec VIEW
Investigating the Effects of Brainstem Neuronal Adaptation on Cardiovascular Homeostasis James H Park, Jonathan Gorky, Babatunde Ogunnaike, Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, James S Schwaber Front Neurosci 2020 May 20 VIEW
Music Therapy in the Treatment of Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Celia Moreno-Morales, Raul Calero, Pedro Moreno-Morales, Cristina Pintado Front Med 2020 May 19 VIEW
Acupuncture Treatment Modulates the Connectivity of Key Regions of the Descending Pain Modulation and Reward Systems in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain Siyi Yu, Ana Ortiz, Randy L Gollub, Georgia Wilson, Jessica Gerber, Joel Park, Yiting Huang, Wei Shen, Suk-Tak Chan, Ajay D Wasan, Robert R Edwards, Vitaly Napadow, Ted J Kaptchuk, Bruce Rosen, Jian Kong J Clin Med 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
Mindful Medical Practice: An Innovative Core Course to Prepare Medical Students for Clerkship Tom A Hutchinson, Stephen Liben Perspect Med Educ 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
The Effect of Breath Pacing on Task Switching and Working Memory Maria Paula Bonomini, Mikel Val Calvo, Alejandro Diaz Morcillo, Florencia Segovia, Jose Manuel Ferrandez Vicente, Eduardo Fernandez-Jover Int J Neural Syst 2020 Jun VIEW
The Brain's Resonance With Breathing-Decelerated Breathing Synchronizes Heart Rate and Slow Cortical Potentials Thilo Hinterberger, Nike Walter, Christopher Doliwa, Thomas Loew Journal of breath research 2019 Jun 27 VIEW
Hypothesis: Pulmonary Afferent Activity Patterns During Slow, Deep Breathing Contribute to the Neural Induction of Physiological Relaxation Donald J Noble, Shawn Hochman Front Physiol 2019 Sep 13 VIEW
Understanding Resilience and Preventing and Treating PTSD Sarah R Horn, Adriana Feder Harvard review of psychiatry 2018 May-Jun VIEW
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