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Title Author Journal Date
Yoga and Bone Health Loren M Fishman1 Orthop Nurs 2021 May-Jun 01 VIEW
Efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Experimental Osteopenia in Rodents: A Systematic Review Liqiong Wang1,2,3, Suhang Xie1,2, Siyi Zhu1,2, Chengfei Gao4, Chengqi He1,2,3 Bioelectromagnetics 2021 May 18 VIEW
Therapeutic application of light and electromagnetic fields to reduce hyper-inflammation triggered by COVID-19 Marootpong Pooam1,2, Blanche Aguida1, Soria Drahy1, Nathalie Jourdan1, Margaret Ahmad1,3 Commun Integr Biol 2021 Apr 29 VIEW
Gut-brain communication and obesity: understanding functions of the vagus nerve Hans-Rudolf Berthoud1, Vance L Albaugh2, Winfried L Neuhuber3 J Clin Invest 2021 May 17 VIEW
Effects of water-based Liuzijue exercise on peak exercise capacity, functional exercise capacity, and quality of life in people with COPD Xiaodan Liu1,2, Weibing Wu3, Ning Li3, Peijun Li3, Zhenwei Wang4, Chunlei Shan1,2 Clin Respir J 2021 May 17 VIEW
The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Stress and Burnout in Nurses Alyssa A Green1, Elizabeth V Kinchen1 J Holist Nurs 2021 May 17 VIEW
Effects of whole-body vibration on muscle strength, quadriceps muscle thickness and functional capacity in kidney transplant recipients: A randomized controlled trial Patrícia E M Marinho1, Lívia G Rocha2, José C Araújo Filho2, Anna Xênya P Araújo2, Maria do Amparo Andrade2, Redha Taiar3, Dulciane N Paiva4, Arméle Dornelas de Andrade2 J Bodyw Mov Ther 2021 Apr 1 VIEW
Taijiquan and qigong as a mindfulness cognitive-behavioural based therapy on the treatment of cothymia in school-age children - A preliminary study Jorge Magalhães Rodrigues1, Lara Lopes2, Mário Gonçalves3, Jorge Pereira Machado4 J Bodyw Mov Ther 2021 Apr 1 VIEW
Osteocytes as main responders to low-intensity pulsed ultrasound treatment during fracture healing Tatsuya Shimizu1,2, Naomasa Fujita1,3, Kiyomi Tsuji-Tamura1, Yoshimasa Kitagawa2, Toshiaki Fujisawa3, Masato Tamura1, Mari Sato4 Sci Rep 2021 May 13 VIEW
Life events are associated with elevated heart rate and reduced heart complexity to acute psychological stress Martha Schneider1, Michele M Kraemmer2, Bernhard Weber2, Andreas R Schwerdtfeger2 Biol Psychol 2021 May 12 VIEW
Transcriptomics of Long-Term Meditation Practice: Evidence for Prevention or Reversal of Stress Effects Harmful to Health Supaya Wenuganen1, Kenneth G Walton1,2, Shilpa Katta3,4, Clifton L Dalgard4, Gauthaman Sukumar4, Joshua Starr4, Frederick T Travis5, Robert Keith Wallace1, Paul Morehead1, Nancy K Lonsdorf1, Meera Srivastava4, John Fagan1,6 Medicina (Kaunas) 2021 Mar 1 VIEW
Non-pharmacological therapies for pain management in Parkinson's disease: A systematic review Abdul Rehman Qureshi1,2, Muhammad Khizar Jamal1, Eraad Rahman1, Dion A Paul1, Yazan Shamli Oghli1, Mohamed Thariq Mulaffer1, Danial Qureshi3,4, Muhammad Affan Danish1, Abdul Qayyum Rana1 Acta Neurol Scand 2021 May 13 VIEW
Regulation of systemic metabolism by the autonomic nervous system consisting of afferent and efferent innervation Junta Imai1, Hideki Katagiri1 Int Immunol 2021 May 13 VIEW
<i>Qigong</i> Exercise for Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy and at High Risk for Depression: A Randomized Clinical Trial Li-Hua Yang1, Pei-Bei Duan2, Qing-Mei Hou1, Xiao-Qing Wang1 J Altern Complement Med 2021 May 12 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi on Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Run Lin1,2, Shaoyang Cui1, Juan Yang3, Huijun Yang1,2, Zitong Feng4, Dietlind L Wahner-Roedler3, Xuan Zhou5, Manisha Salinas6, Molly J Mallory3, Alexander Do3, Sara E Bublitz3, Tony Y Chon3, Chunzhi Tang4, Brent A Bauer3, Mingzhu Xu7 Biomed Res Int 2021 Apr 12 VIEW
The Time Varying Networks of the Interoceptive Attention and Rest Ana Y Martínez1, Athena Demertzi2, Clemens C C Bauer3, Zeus Gracia-Tabuenca1, Sarael Alcauter1, Fernando A Barrios4 eNeuro 2021 May 10 VIEW
Effects of wheelchair Tai Chi ball exercise on physical and mental health and functional abilities among elderly with physical disability Yong Tai Wang1, Chung-Hyun Goh2, Ting Liao3, Xuanliang Neil Dong4, Gloria Duke1, Danita Alfred1, Yi Yang3, Jingle Xu1, Shiqi Yu4 Res Sports Med May-Jun 2021 VIEW
The effect of Tai Chi exercise on postural time-to-contact in manual fitting task among older adults Jiahao Pan1, Cuixian Liu2, Li Li3, Shuqi Zhang4 Gait Posture 2020 Oct 1 VIEW
Slow-paced inspiration regularizes alpha phase dynamics in the human brain Shen-Mou Hsu1,2, Chih-Hsin Tseng3, Chao-Hsien Hsieh1,4, Chang-Wei Hsieh5 J Neurophysiol 2020 Jan 1 VIEW
National Expert Meeting on Qi Gong and Tai Chi Consensus Report Chodzko-Zajko W1, Jahnke R2 2005 VIEW
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