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The database contains 18650 abstracts.
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Title Author Journal Date
Mind-body interventions: applications for social work practice Finger W//Arnold EM Soc Work Health Care 2002 VIEW
A review of mind/body therapies in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with implications for the elderly Luskin F//Newell K//Griffith M//Holmes M//// Altern Ther Health Med 2000 VIEW
Qigong therapy--its effectiveness and regulation Tang KC Am J Chin Med 1994 VIEW
Tai chi improves pain and functional status in adults withRheumatoid arthritis Wang C//Lan J//Roubenoff R//Kalish R//// Soc Acupuncture Research, 10th Symposium 2003 VIEW
Effect of yoga training on handgrip, respiratory pressures and pulmonary function Mandanmohan//Jatiya L//Udupa K//Bhavanani AB Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2003 VIEW
[Counteracting effect of hypoxia and Qigong on cardiac rhythm during orthostatic test post simulated weightlessness] Zhang BL//Song KZ//Zhang JX//Xie JS//Wang CM Space Med Med Eng (Beijing) 1999 VIEW
The Effect of Qi-Gong Relaxation Exercise on the Control of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A randomized controlled trial. Tsujiuchi T//Kumano H//Yoshiuchi K//He D//Tsujiuchi Y//Kuboki T//Suematsu H//Hirao K Diabetes Care 2002 VIEW
A scientific plan for the evaluation of alternative medicine in the treatment of HIV/AIDS Standish L//Calabrese C//Reeves C//Bain S//O'Donnell T Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine 1997 VIEW
Use of qigong therapy in the detoxification of heroin addicts Li M//Chen K//Mo Z Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicinepy and Health Medicine 2002 VIEW
The Healing Journey Simonton OC//Henson R//Hampton B 2002 VIEW
Longevity Increased by Positive Self-Perceptions of Aging Levy BR 1//Slade MD 1//Kunkel SR 2//Kasl SV 1 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2002 VIEW
Chinese medical qigong therapy: a comprehensive clinical text Johnson JA 2000 VIEW
Optimists vs pessimists: survival rate among medical patients over a 30-year period Maruta T//Colligan RC//Malinchoc M//Offord KP J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2000 VIEW
Distant intentionality and healing: assessing the evidence Schlitz M//Braud W Alter Ther Health Med 1994 VIEW
Experiences with Qigong dancing: discovering personal life energy Wolff KG Pflege Z 2001 VIEW
Is yoga enough to keep you fit? Bauman A Yoga Journal 2002 VIEW
Vibrating palm qigong's healing effects: a scientific study Anglen RL//Lacy JP Wushu Kung Fu 1994 VIEW
An Introduction to Qigong Liang S//Wu WC Kung Fu Qigong Magazine 2002 VIEW
The managed heart: the commercialization of human feelings Hothschild A 1985 VIEW
Handbook of Manual Muscle Testing Cutter N//Kevorkian CG 1999 VIEW
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