Stored qi gong energy in various materials and characteristics of 2 types((+)&(-)) of qi gong energy which have opposite effects:clinical applications of (+) qi gong energy for the treatment of intractable medical problems including pain, infection, cardiovascular disease & cancer

Author: Omura Y
Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation; President, International College of Acupuncture & Electro-therapeutics; Visiting Research Prof., Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College; Prof., Dept. of Non-Orthodox Medicine, Ukranian National (former Kiev) Medical University; Former Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Pharmacology, Chicago Medical School
Conference/Journal: 3rd International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Date published: 1997
Other: Word Count: 1246

In 1988, using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, we evaluated the changes on different parts of the body of a renowned Qi Gong master before, during, and after he performed external Qi Gong treatment. We found significant Bi-Digital O-Ring Test weakening responses at specific parts of the body that were otherwise normal before and after Qi Gong treatment. Among the many areas, changes at Qi Hai (C.V.6), Shi Men (C.V.5), and entire spine was significant. Among these changes, Shi Men showed the maximum Bi-Digital O-Ring Test weakening changes. Using changes in C.V.5 as a major criteria to evaluate whether or not the Qi Gong master is actually emitting detectable Qi Gong energy, the author was able to analyze all of the essential parameters necessary to emit external Qi Gong effectively. Using the methods developed from this investigation to generate external Qi Gong energy, the author obtained significant therapeutic effects in reducing or eliminating pain, improving circulation and enhancing drug uptake. However, within 24 hours after performing each external Qi Gong treatment, the author noticed an internal GI hemorrhage, which can be identified by a positive occult blood test. As a result, the teaching and practice of this newly discovered quick and effective method of external Qi Gong emission was temporarily discontinued.

To solve this problem, the author attempted to store the Qi Gong energy in different materials and succeeded in storing it on paper, wood, glass, metals, cloth materials, Band-Aids, etc. When stored Qi Gong energy on a piece of paper was applied to painful area, some of the Qi Gong energy stored paper reduced or eliminated pain with improvement of circulation within 30 seconds while also strengthening the weakened muscles. However, application of some of the paper produced a completely opposite effect and enhanced the pain with disturbance of circulation accompanied by a marked increase of Thromboxane B2 & Substance P and weakening of the muscles detected using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. The degree of the pain was also quantitatively measured by a Dolorimeter. Further study of these phenomena lead the author to discover that three exist two completely opposing types of Qi Gong energy. One type which reduces or eliminates pain, improves the circulation by including vasodilation, and strengthens weak muscles was called (+) Qi Gong and the opposite type was called (-) Qi Gong. The (-) Qi Gong induces vasocontriction, which enhances circulatory disturbance and accumulation of Thromboxane B2 and if it is applied in the painful area, Substane P increases markedly resulting in exacerbation of existing pain. When (-) Qi Gong energy is applied directly from the Qi Gong master’s hand on the heart or brain of the patient, it has the potential to induce angina, or even more myocardial infarct, as well as transient ischemic attack or stroke. Particularly, if the patient has pre-existing myocardial infarct, as well as transient ischemic or cerebralcirculatory problems, the potential risk is very high. Therefore, in order to use Qi Gong safely, one needs to know how both (+) and (-) Qi Gong energies are emitted.

Initially, when Qi Gong energy was stored on paper, part of the same side of the paper had (+) Qi Gong energy and the remaining part of the same side had (-) Qi Gong energy. In 1989, the author succeeded in storing one side of paper or other materials with pure (+) or (-) Qi Gong energy. Subsequently, the author also found that when (+) Qi Gong energy is stored on one surface of paper or other materials becomes charged with (-) Qi Gong energy always forming a (+) & (-) pair with opposite polarities that are inseparable, like those of N & S of a magnet although their physical properties are quite different. When two sides of paper with Qi Gong energy of the same polarity face each other, the stored Qi Gong energy instantaneously disappear by exposing the paper to a strong, fluctuating electromagnetic field. When the Qi Gong energy stored paper is completely covered with aluminum foil, the stored Qi Gong energy will remain many years, as long as it is not directly exposed to a strong electromagnetic field. At one time, Qi Gong energy can be stored in several hundred pieces of piled paper in less than one minute.

Instead of administering Qi Gong energy directly to the patient, the patient is given Qi Gong energy stored paper and instructed to apply the side charged with (+) Qi Gong energy to the pathological area(s) to be treated with or without effective medication. For example, angina pain due to ischemic heart can often quickly be subsided by applying (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper directly on the chest wall above the left ventricle. Similarly, pain due to circulatory disturbance and accumulation of Substance P often subside. Subsequent study indicated that the application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper directly above the pathological area enhances drug uptake in the area in which drug uptake in the area in which drug uptake was very poor and previously medications were unable to reach therapeutic levels. In addition, the author found that the application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper on the accurate organ representation area on the scalp, ears, tongue, hands, and feet can also improve the circulation to the corresponding organ and selectively enhance drug uptake specifically to that organ. Particularly, application of (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper on the cardiovascular representation area of the modulla oblongata at the occipital part of the head can enhance drug uptake in various parts of the body where multiple pathology exists and drug uptake is poor such as in the case of multiple metastasis of cancer in different parts of the body.

These new findings have been applied to many intractable medical problems where even the effective drug cannnot reach therapeutic levels in the pathological area to be treated. The author’s previous studies indicated that in the cancer cells the following parameters co-exist: 1) marked increase in Oncogene C-fos Ab2, 2) marked increase in Integrina5b1, 3)marked increase in Hg, 4) marked decrease or disappearance of Acethylcholine, 5) marked decrease or disappearance of NO, 6) presence of Viral Infection. Our previous studies also indicated that in the area of the intractable bacterial or viral infection often heavy metal, anti-bacterial or anti-viral effects are often inhibited. In 1995, the author also discovered that oral intake of cilantro can remove Hg, Pb, and Al very effectively particularly when combined with selective drug uptake enhancement method using (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper or several other methods that were published earlier. For example, for the treatment of cancer with or without metastasis we use a mixture of EPA(Eicosa Pentaenoic Acid) and DHA(Docosa Hexanoic Acid) as an effective anti-viral agent with cilantro to remove Hg with or without additional compatible synergistic natural anti-cancer agent, combined with selective drug uptake enhancement method using the (+) Qi Gong energy stored paper application on the area above the cardiovascular representation area of the medulla oblongata. As a result of these findings, we can treat intractable pain, intractable infection, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer more effectively and safely along with effective medication and using cilantro we can actively and safely remove localized deposits of heavy metals such as Hg or Pb which inhibit the antibiotics or chemotherapeutic effects. Typical examples of successful treatments of intractable neck pain due to Lyme disease, severe pre-menstrual pain and infertility due to Chlamydia Trachomatis infection, terminal cases of breast, lung and prostate cancer with multiple metastatis, paralysis of one side of the body and speech problems due to stroke.