Qigong scientific research

Author: Machi M
Dept. Engineering Tokyo Denki University, Dept. of Electronics Japan
Conference/Journal: 3rd International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Date published: 1997
Other: Word Count: 176

This report is related to physiological studies of Qi Gong; such as EEG, ECG, blood pressure, respiration, GSR(galvanic skin response), blood flow by Doppler laser, ultrasonic echo and others. It is said there are more than three thousand kinds of Qi Gong in China. In this report, we would like to explain about standing posture Qi Gong, 6 words practice and Kiao Zhou Tian that belong to a the static Qi Gong group. Also, concerning external Qi Gong, we carried out an experiment with Qi Gong anesthesia that we though it had a strong effect on people. Detailed data will be given in the symposium. In these Qi Gong, all of the methods were controlled by the autonomic nerve system of Qi Gong master, especially the sympathetic nervous system. In the EEG topography data of the three kinds of Qi Gong, the alpha 1 wave increases in his frontal lobe. This is due to his increase concentration. In these conditions, the respiration is related to his concentration. Discussions on this will be followed up in the conference.