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Title Author Journal Date
Acupuncture modulates the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune network. Shasha D, Shouhai H, Chao W, Yi G, Zhankui W, Yuan X. QJM. 2013 Oct 8 VIEW
Integrating complementary and alternative medicine into mainstream healthcare services: the perspectives of health service managers Judy Singer1, Jon Adams BMC Complement Altern Med 2014 May 22 VIEW
Qigong: The Alchemy of Energy Healing Patel R 2nd World Congress Qigong 1998 VIEW
Educational Avenues for Promoting Dialog on Fascia. Pratt RL1 Clin Anat. 2019 Apr 5 VIEW
Effects of Imagery on an Electroencephalogram and Pulse Waves Oku T 1//Watanabe E 2//Fukuda S 2//Shirakawa T 2 J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2002 VIEW
A Study with Various Simultaneous Measurements (VSM) on Physiological States Emitting Qi during Qigong Sakaida H 1//Kokubo H 1//Yamamoto M 1//Hirasawa M 1//Kawano K2,1 J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1998 VIEW
A Cosmological Study on Mechanism of Vibrational Life Energy Oku T J Soc Life Info Sci 2003 VIEW
Examining the impact of a Healing Touch intervention to reduce posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in combat veterans Kirk Reeve1, Pegi A Black1, John Huang1 Psychol Trauma 2020 Nov 1 VIEW
Fashioning Cellular Rhythms with Magnetic Energy and Sound Vibration: a New Perspective for Regenerative Medicine Ventura C CellR4 2014 Mar 31 VIEW
Tai chi and yoga in residential aged care: Perspectives of participants: A qualitative study. Saravanakumar P1, Higgins IJ2, Van Der Riet PJ2, Sibbritt D3 J Clin Nurs. 2018 Jul 2 VIEW
Weak, strong, and coherent regimes of Fröhlich condensation and their applications to terahertz medicine and quantum consciousness Jeffrey R Reimers, Laura K McKemmish, Ross H McKenzie, Alan E Mark, Noel S Hush Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2009 Mar VIEW
Nontraditional tools helpful in the treatment of certain types of voice disturbances Emerich KA Curr Opin Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2003 VIEW
Effects of Qigong on the Concentration of Free Radicals in Blood Park M 1//Park Y 1//Chang S 1//Lee C//// J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2000 VIEW
Epigenetic Mechanisms of Integrative Medicine. Kanherkar RR1, Stair SE2, Bhatia-Dey N3, Mills PJ4, Chopra D5, Csoka AB1 Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2017 VIEW
Development of a Measuring System for nT-order magnetic Fields and Electrostatic Fields Generated near a Human Body Yoichi H 1,2//Kokubo H 1,2//Yamamoto M 1 J Intl Soc Life Info Science 2001 VIEW
Brief Mental Training Reorganizes Large-Scale Brain Networks. Tang YY1, Tang Y1, Tang R2, Lewis-Peacock JA3 Front Syst Neurosci. 2017 Feb 28 VIEW
Qigong as a Traditional Vegetative Biofeedback Therapy: Long-Term Conditioning of Physiological Mind-Body Effects. Matos LC1, Sousa CM1, Gonçalves M2, Gabriel J3, Machado J4, Greten HJ2. Biomed Res Int. 2015 VIEW
Clinical holistic medicine: treatment of physical health problems without a known cause, exemplified by hypertension and tinnitus Ventegodt S//Mohammed Morad M//Kandel I//Merrick J ScientificWorldJournal 2004 VIEW
Electrophysiological evidence of the existence of acupuncture meridians in traditional Chinese medicine utilizing the SSVP [single square voltage pulse] method Mori K//Chevalier G Soc Acupuncture Research, 10th Symposium 2003 VIEW
Brief Introduction to Chinese Universal Qigong Huang Chenzhang 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1998 VIEW
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