Several proposals for the present research activities of qigong

Author: Han Wenxuan//Wang Yanfang
Tianjing Normal University, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 334 , Word Count: 521

Qigong is an ancient, but also a newly-emerged science. During our practiced studies, we have been aware that there are certain problems should be urgently solved At present I'd like to raise a few problems and illustrate our opinions briefly.
First of all, firming confidence and overcoming difficulties.
'Qi' is the core of qigong. Many facts force-fully prove the existence of 'qi'. But these facts are only the functional expression of 'qi'. In terms to the essence of 'qi', one wonders what on earth is 'qi'? How does it produce inside the body? How does it move? Up till now we haven't had got one satisfactory explanation. So qigong has a mysterious cover. This problem is seriously hindering the development of qigong cause. We should strengthen the research work of qigong's theories, we hope we can surmount the difficulties sooner. The day when the mystroy of qigong is analyzed is the moment when it advances towards the world and achieves great success.
Secondly, qigong studies should base on materialist epistemology.
Because of the profoundness of qigong and the limits of our standard of science and technology, the studies of qigong's theories have bogged down. Additionally religion and superstition have cashed in on, as a result many people have been fettered by idealism. Now it's time to create favorable developing conditions to qigong in ideology and theory. Firstly, such conditions must take materialist epistemology as our guiding ideology of qigong's studies. 'Q' of qigong is a matter, the movement of qi inside the human body is the movement of matter. We must oppose and criticize any statement which runs counter to this epistemology. We also should pay attention to the propaganda of the guiding ideology of this activity. This point is identical with the construction of our mental civilization, and is harmonious with the basic request of the development of the whole scientific cause.
Thirdly, the methods of its research work should scientific and modernize.
Qigong is Chinese traditional culture, it has its own distinctive national features. This is what we are proud of. But we can't only use traditional methods while we are studying it. Thus we hold, in terns of qigong's studies, to retain traditional methods, we also should seek new ways and learn some foreign modern study means.
Finally qigong's research activities should strengthen organizations and co-operate vigorously.
We think the government should treat it as 'high technology'. Moreover the government system of science and technology should set up a special agency to study its theories. Staff and funds ought to be brought into the plan. Secondly the agency should organize the whole nation's folk research workers of qigong's theories in order to link all the nation's research organizations.
The research of qigong should also follow the guiding policy of 'letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend' set forth by Chairman Mao. All schools should do away with the distinction of various factions and all kinds of corrupt customs., They should absorb others' strong points completely, to offset one's weakness, and create new methods of qigong which will be more liked by more people.