The best nutriment for qigong-Sha Wan Zi

Author: Lu Wenlong//Yuan Hailong
Shaanxi Health Protection Food Research Institute
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 362 , Word Count: 331

During the flourishing age of Kai-yuang-Tang Dynasty, Yong Le Princess, the young est daughter of Tang }Cuan-zong, was congenitally, She was used to take so many kinds of medicine. because she was too weak, but little effect.

At the time of An Lu-shan's armed rebellion, Yong Le Princess ran to Sha Wan

Area, Prefecture of Tong Zhou (Weinan Area, Shaanxi). She took a nourishing food to build up her health. Consequently, a kind of tribute was come into being.

- Sha Wan Zi contains eight kinds of arnino acid, protein, fat, carbohydrate, witaminC

& E: and all kinds of vitaIIõin, alkaloid, progeterone, Se, Fe, Zn, Mn and some other trace element±±; It is sweet and no poison. It is-a good tonic for kidney and liver. And it can heal

somebody of emission, bed-wetting and some other disease.

After research and develop work for rlme years in Shaamci Health pProtection Food Research Institute, we made a whole set of products, something like Sha Wan Zi tea, Tribute tea of Great Tang Dynasty, Le Tian royal jelly, sugar, milk powder, wine, etc. All the consumers enjoy thenõ. They have won the prizes of 'Golden Dragon', 'Golden Deer' and- 'Golden Crane'. The successive dynasties medical men in China respectfully called

that Sha Wan Zi was the main medicine for kidney,.

As the Qigong master send out vital energy- or cure the sickness lo save the patient, he will lost a large number of energy himself, His health will come to harm if he didn't replenish in time. In order to solve the problem; we have produced this good nutriment —the whole set of products of Sha Wan Zi. When the Qigong masters do exercises in qigong, they can drink Sha Wan Zi 10±15g each day, so as to raise the result of doing
. . . .

At the time of the Internationai Acadmic Qigong Meeting, all the conlleagues are invited to taste the good nutriment—the whole set of products of Sha Wan Zi.

Please examine.