Improve the function of whole brain, enhance the whole quality of people. Brief introduction

Author: Xue Feng
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 85 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese , Word Count: 331

The Quick benefit Intelligence consists of the benefit intelligence qigong the music provoke and the study methods, etc. It belongs to a frontier science and a new scientific development.
The teaching experiment of the Quick benefit Intelligence launched in Jiang Su Dongtai Normal School for a long time, now has gained rich achievement. The study experience of people in different lines of nation testify that provided one studies the Quick-benefit Intelligence hard and does some more training, he will yield notable results in the curing of sickness and strengthening of the body, developing intelligence and initiating the subconscious, dilating life time, enhancing study and work efficiency, developing construction of mental civilization; even more, he will form some supernormal function in some fields.
This teaching experiment gains support and help of education department at different levels from central authority to local and qigong research department. The special video of this teaching experiment has been photographed by Jiangsu Education Committee and Nanjin Normal University separately.
Having convened the spot meeting on Qigong Quick-benefit Intelligence in Jiangsu Normal School, Jiangsu Education Committee and Qigong Research Association issued documents for spreading.
This teaching experiment has been reported by television and radio stations at different levels and more than 50 newspapers & periodicals. Teachers and students in experimental classes have been invited to Nanjin Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing to report, perform and give lectures on over 200 occasions; 11 papers and report performance. They've attended national & international symposium 10 times, 11 papers and report performance exchanged in symposium, confirmed fully and praised with enthusiasm by the leader of the party and government concerned and scholars and experts worldwide, have exerted stir effects

It is of a great and profound significance to spread and popularize the Quick-benefit Intelligence, as it can relieve the burden of students in school and enhance educational efficiency, improve the whole quality of people, and forward the development of society.

In this text, we also introduce the guiding ideology, main method and discuss the theory basis of this teaching experiment.