Material effect of mind and qi--research with the help of laser Raman spectrum analyzer

Author: Chen Guoguang
Cadre Training College, Zhaotong Area, Yunnan Province
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 113 , Word Count: 466

In order to research the effect of qigong, I emitted my qi to water and tested it with an SPEx 1403 Laser Raman Spectrum Analyzer, to analyze the structure of water molecule and its vibration. To exclude the influence possibly resulted from distance difference, impurities in water and other elements, distilled water was chosen to be the sample. The background spectrum was obtained in every test. In addition to this, the following experiments were conducted. (l) Heating the sample water to 48°C. (2) Applying strong magnetics to the sample water for 20 minutes. (3) Analogous emission of qi. It was found that the result provided by the
Raman Spectrum to the sample water remained unchanged. It can thus conclude that the human body temperature, the magnetic field generated by electronic appliances and the analogous emission of qi have no effect when it is analyzed by the Raman spectrum.

However, I emitted my qi at a distance of 20 cm, over 4m, 4 km (or kkm) to the sample water, changes on the Raman spectrum were seen. It proved that a kind of special energy is released when qigong was being exercised and that the energy existing in human bodies, besides, the peak of the spectrum varies in different qigong patterns, levels and distance. At the same distance, different results reflected by the spectrum showed that different amount of en energy could be generated with different forms of qi emission. The energy produced from the acupoints on meridians is greater. Qi emitted by mind and at a long distance was known as a specific qigong pattern. The change of intensity of the peak of the Raman was greater in comparison of the qigong state. It reveals that only 3—7% cerebral cells are used in normal condition, but under the specific state, the potentials are brought about. Hypothalamus is one of the key nerve centres of the body. The research of the nervous center of systerma nervorum automaticum in cerebrum depends on the prolonging or shortening of the vestibule time value. The brain will be equipped with high energy derived from the retrograding effect produced by mind. The key of my emission of qi at a long distance or by mind, lies in the mastering of the knowledge of eight diagrams, integration of man and universe.

Water takes up 65% of the human body. Molecules of water take part in the physiological, biochemical activities. The variation on the Raman spectrum shows the water's response to qigong. Treating patients with the emitted qi and let them drink the 'qi' water is to produce the radiating effect of the qigong master. Psychology is the feedback of mind. It will spiral up from physiology to R. Spreeg's psychology. The feedback energy can be used to direct further treatment of patients and be applied to agricultural production and scientific experiments.