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Title Author Journal Date
Emerging Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Geriatric Mental Health Sarah A Nguyen1, Helen LAvretsky1 Curr Treat Options Psychiatry 2020 Sep 1 VIEW
Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) position statement on exercise and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Norman R Morris1, Kylie Hill2, James Walsh3, Surendran Sabapathy4 J Sci Med Sport 2020 Sep 1 VIEW
"Making Peace with Our Bodies": A Qualitative Analysis of Breast Cancer Survivors' Experiences with Qigong Mind-Body Exercise Kamila Osypiuk1, Karen Kilgore2, Jennifer Ligibel3, Gloria Vergara-Diaz4, Paolo Bonato4, Peter M Wayne1 J Altern Complement Med 2020 Sep 1 VIEW
Tai Chi training for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A feasibility trial in college students Alexander K Converse1, Bruce P Barrett2, Betty A Chewning3, Peter M Wayne4 Complement Ther Med 2020 Sep 1 VIEW
Brain States and Transitions: Insights from Computational Neuroscience Morten L Kringelbach1, Gustavo Deco2 Cell Rep 2020 Sep 8 VIEW
Resistance Exercise, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and Whole-Body Vibration in Older Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Nejc Šarabon1,2,3, Žiga Kozinc1,4, Stefan Löfler5,6, Christian Hofer7 J Clin Med 2020 Sep 8 VIEW
Mediation of Cardiac Macrophage Activity <i>via</i> Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation Ameliorates Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Chee Hooi Chung1, Beatrice Bretherton2, Satirah Zainalabidin3, Susan A Deuchars2, Jim Deuchars2, Mohd Kaisan Mahadi1 Front Neurosci 2020 Sep 8 VIEW
Rapid deployment of virtual mind-body interventions during the COVID-19 outbreak: feasibility, acceptability, and implications for future care Kelly M Trevino1, Nirupa Raghunathan1, Shelly Latte-Naor1, Fernanda C G Polubriaginof1, Claus Jensen1, Thomas M Atkinson1, Nicholas Emard1, Christina M Seluzicki1, Jamie S Ostroff1, Jun J Mao2 Support Care Cancer 2020 Sep 9 VIEW
Effects of Mind-Body Interventions Involving Meditative Movements on Quality of Life, Depressive Symptoms, Fear of Falling and Sleep Quality in Older Adults: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis Manuel Weber1, Thiemo Schnorr1, Mareike Morat2, Tobias Morat1, Lars Donath2 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 Sep 9 VIEW
Effectiveness of Tai chi exercise on overall quality of life and its physical and psychological components among older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis Di Wang1, Pengcheng Wang2, Kun Lan1, Yingchun Zhang1, Yingli Pan1 Braz J Med Biol Res 2020 Sep 10 VIEW
Qigong and the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer: A Bibliography McGee, RW Studies in the Economics of Qigong 2020 Sept 14 VIEW
Tai Chi for Chronic Illness Management: Synthesizing Current Evidence from Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials Liye Zou1, Tao Xiao2, Chao Cao3, Lee Smith4, Kellie Imm5, Igor Grabovac6, Thomas Waldhoer7, Yin Zhang8, Albert Yeung9, Jacopo Demurtas10, Nicola Veronese11, Ulf Ekelund12, Yikyung Park13, Lin Yang14 Am J Med 2020 Sep 15 VIEW
Tai Chi practice and change in exercise habits in survivors of acute coronary syndromes: Is mindfulness a possible mechanism? Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher1, Dyuti Trivedi2, Shira Dunsiger3 Explore (NY) 2020 Sep 15 VIEW
The placebo phenomenon and the underlying mechanisms P Theodosis-Nobelos1, A Filotheidou1, C Triantis2 Hormones (Athens) 2020 Sep 17 VIEW
Development of a Healthcare Approach Focusing on Subtle Energies: The Case of Eden Energy Medicine Donna Eden, David Feinstein Adv Mind Body Med 2020 Summer VIEW
A tai chi/qigong intervention for older adults living with HIV: a study protocol of an exploratory clinical trial Gladys E Ibañez1, Kristopher Fennie2, Linda Larkey3, Nan Hu4,5, Angel B Algarin6,7, Chelsea Valdivia4, Helen Lavretsky8 Trials 2020 Sep 22 VIEW
Mindfulness Improves Brain-Computer Interface Performance by Increasing Control Over Neural Activity in the Alpha Band James R Stieger1,2, Stephen Engel3, Haiteng Jiang1, Christopher C Cline2, Mary Jo Kreitzer4, Bin He1 Cereb Cortex 2020 Sep 23 VIEW
Tai Chi exercise for psychological well-being among adults with cardiovascular disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis Ruth E Taylor-Piliae1, Brooke A Finley1,2 Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs 2020 Oct 1 VIEW
Yoga effectively reduces fatigue and symptoms of depression in patients with different types of cancer Teresa Zetzl1, Agnes Renner2, Andre Pittig3,4, Elisabeth Jentschke2, Carmen Roch2, Birgitt van Oorschot2 Support Care Cancer 2020 Oct 7 VIEW
Exploring the Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness in youth aged 7-17 years Alexander Jones1, Jonathan Silas1, Jennifer Todd2, Anita Stewart3, Michael Acree4, Mark Coulson5, Wolf E Mehling4,6 J Clin Psychol 2020 Oct 9 VIEW
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