Development of a Healthcare Approach Focusing on Subtle Energies: The Case of Eden Energy Medicine

Author: Donna Eden, David Feinstein
Conference/Journal: Adv Mind Body Med
Date published: 2020 Summer
Other: Volume ID: 34 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 25-36 , Word Count: 252

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a hands-on healthcare approach providing assessments and interventions that focus on the body's electromagnetic and more subtle energy systems. More than 1600 certified practitioners have completed an intensive 2-year training program in the method, and these practitioners have brought the approach to hundreds of thousands of people in individual sessions and self-care classes. In this article, the method's founders briefly trace its development and present illustrative case histories. They then address a number of questions that are pertinent for any approach to energy medicine from the perspective of their experiences advancing EEM. Broader acceptance of energy medicine has been impeded by the field's emphasis on energies with purported properties not known in the energies that fall along the electromagnetic spectrum. Such assertions challenge conventional concepts within Western medicine. The anomalies can, however, be explained by a framework that is informed by an understanding of subtle energies as conceived in healing systems from myriad cultures dating back thousands of years. The authors present empirical evidence that supports the validity of the subtle energy concept, propose health-related implications of such energies, and present 9 discrete energy systems emphasized by EEM. They also review the clinical efficacy of energy medicine treatments. Finally, they describe 6 advantages of an energy-informed approach to healthcare. Among these are an ability to address biological activities at their energetic foundations; the regulation of physiological processes with speed and precision; and the promotion of healing and prevention of illness with interventions that can be economically and noninvasively applied.

PMID: 32931459