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Influence of electrical lesion of the periaqueductal gray (PAG) on the analgesic effect of emitted qi in rats Yang Kongshun//Guo Zhongliang//Xu Hong 1//Lin Housheng//// 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1988 VIEW
Analgesic effect of emitted qi on white rats Yang Kongshun//Xu Hong//Guo Zhongliang//Zhao Bangzu//Li Zhaohuei 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1988 VIEW
Da Yen Qigong Yang Mei Jun//Yang Chen//Chuan Kang//Shi Mu//Liu Hui J 2nd World Congress Qigong 1998 VIEW
Yu’s Xing Yi Chi Kung applied internal and external force Yang Minou//Yu Jialing 1st Int Cong of Qigong 1990 VIEW
Applications of super sense consciousness in qigong diagnosis of disease Yang Pengfei//Dong Jia 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Observation of Qigong's Curing of Near-sight Yang Qilin 3rd Int Qigong Conf [in Chinese] 1992 VIEW
Qigong for antisenility, keeping fit in middle-aged intellectuals Yang Runliang//Yang Intang//Hong Hoqiao 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1988 VIEW
Effect of treating neurasthenia with relaxation training and biofeedback therapy Yang Shengling//Wei Baolin//Qin Chao//Li Li//Jiang Sainan//Du Chusheng//Shi Jianhua 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Experimental research on the braking phenomenon of the upper limbs evoked by qigong waiqi (emitted qi) Yang Sihuan 1//Shi Jiming 1//Yang Qifei 1//Zheng Ziliang 2 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science 1990 VIEW
The influence of qigong training on coherence f EEG during one year period Yang Sihuan//Yang Qinfei//Shi Jiming//Cao Yi 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1993 VIEW
THE COMPLEXITY OF EEG IN MEDITATION Yang Sihuan//Yang Qinfei//Shi Jiming//Zhang Li 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1996 VIEW
Influence of meditation on EEG frequency spectrum analysis and function value Yang Sihuan//Yang Qinfei//Zhang Li 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1998 VIEW
Current Evidence on Traditional Chinese Exercises for Quality of Life in Patients With Essential Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Yang Song1,2,3, Jialin Li4, Bíró István2,3, Rongrong Xuan4,5, Sheng Wei6, Guanghui Zhong6, Yaodong Gu1 Front Cardiovasc Med 2021 Jan 20 VIEW
Subjective experiences of older adults practicing taiji and qigong. Yang Y, Decelle S, Reed M, Rosengren K, Schlagal R, Greene J. J Aging Res. 2011 VIEW
Effects of a traditional taiji/qigong curriculum on older adults'immune response to influenza vaccine Yang Y, Verkuilen J, Rosengren KS, Mariani RA, Reed M, Grubisich SA, Woods JA, Schlagal B Med Sport Sci. 2008 VIEW
Effect of combined Taiji and Qigong training on balance mechanisms: a randomized controlled trial of older adults Yang Y, Verkuilen JV, Rosengren KS, Grubisich SA, Reed MR, Hsiao-Wecksler ET Med Sci Monit 2007 Aug VIEW
Effects of a taiji and qigong intervention on the antibody response to influenza vaccine in older adults Yang Y//Verkuilen J//Rosengren KS//Mariani RA//// Am J Chin Med 2007 VIEW
The Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise for Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Yang Y1, Qiu WQ2, Hao YL1, Lv ZY1, Jiao SJ3, Teng JF3. PLoS One. 2015 Apr 1 VIEW
Therapeutic Effects of Ba-Duan-Jin versus Pregabalin for Fibromyalgia Treatment: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial Yang Yang#1, Yan-Ting Li#2, Yu-Ruo Sun2, Jing Wang3, Yang Li2, Jin-Hua Zhang1, Juan Jiao4, Quan Jiang5 Rheumatol Ther 2021 Jul 22 VIEW
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