Psychotherapy strengthens cold resistance

Author: Wang Zhongpin
Beijing Wudakng Health Care Institute
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 233 , Word Count: 280

Cold Resistance Strengthened by Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy studies the theory and methods about the law of change in human psychology, physiology and pathology. It explains what mentality brings about. In other words, it tells people what idea may lead to a disease and how to rid disease by imagination. One component of this therapy is called cold resistance therapy, which studies what physical changes and disease may emerge in cold
weather, what psychological factor is related to those diseases, and how to eliminate diseases by mental activity. Thus cold resistance is strengthened during removing of illness.

Scientific Characteristics of Cold Resistance Strengthened by Psychotherapy:

1. Man's mind has an impact on the direction of blood flow.

Man's mental activity has directional effects of physiology and pathology on blood flow. That's to say, tranquillity and easiness decide normal physiology while disturbed mind results in directional pathological effects.

Qi and blood guided by the mind are in the body.

Residual information (disease) is eliminated when tranquil and ease mind functions on it.

Function of Cold Resistance Strengthened by Psychotherapy:

Cure diseases related to coldness.

Strengthen physical constitution.

Make the old dexterous and quick in action.

Build up confidence in Qigong practice.

Lighten workload of fieldwork staff, reduce national financial expenditure.

Lighten luggage load for the convenience of business trips.

Save household storage room and expenses.

Prolong life span.

Features of Cold Resistance Strengthened by Psychotherapy:

There is no age limit of trainees. Either the young or the old are able to achieve cold resistance through psychotherapy learning.

There is no restriction of physical condition. Both the healthy and the ill are welcome to learn.

The therapy has no mystery or is free of contradiction.