Model of popularizing qigong in communal areas hospital-communal area - Mass qigong (Medical)

Author: Wei Jiang
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 174 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese , Word Count: 209

Along with the promulgation and implementation of the plan which emphasizes national physical exercises, qigong, one of the traditional Chinese methods of getting strong and healthy, preventing and treating diseases and prolonging life, will surely practice its’ special clinical effects if it is applied under a series of scientific directions.

Many works in this field have been done in our hospital. Not only have we imagined but have grouped a proper model of popularizing qigong in communal areas. That is: Hospital-Communal Area Mass-Qigong (Medical).

The functions of the above model are as following:

1. Popularize qigong in communal areas.

2. Improve related comprehensive knowledge of qigong among masses.

3. Enhance people's abilities to distinguish between real and fake qigong.

4. Delete thoughts of Trust-In-Mystery (superstition) in order to create suitable circumstances for the practice of medical qigong.

5. Strengthen people's health both physically and mentally in order to save part of the costs of people's medical care.

Certainly, this model still needs intensive improvements. First , the hospital administrative staff must get the common viewpoints on this model. Second, it is also necessary to expand the influence of medical qigong in communal areas. And third, proper professional level should be required and gradually improved on clinical doctors who desire to be trained in medical qigong.