On the application of qigong in archery (synopsis)

Author: Wangguang
Law School of Shanghai University
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 19-20 , Word Count: 362

Qigong is one of China's oldest sports. It has been now applied in almost every field and gained universal acceptance from scholars in different disciplines. I'm now experimenting on using qigong in modern sports games through my own studies and long-time practice with a view to improving our athletic performance.

I have carried out an experiment on 15 athletes in Qinghai Archery Team, 7 male and 9 female including a silver medalist in 1992 Olympic Games, who received the training of 'Song Jin Gong', 'Dong Gong' and 'Xing She Gong' with the heart beat rate as the measuring standard. I have also made an investigation on them respectively by inquiring their views on practicing qigong.

Practicing qigong can achieve slower heart beat, higher scores in race, quick rid of some bad habits such as the 'releasing (arrows) too early' and 'releasing (arrows) too late', and improved ability in resisting distractions and diseases. Thus, we affirm that qigong can be used in archery. here are some of our conclusions from our research.

1. We can design ways of practicing qigong for the archers according to qigong's basic principles and unique characteristics of archery. This can effectively heighten their scores by means of monitoring their heart beat rate or eliminating their nervousness or increasing their self confidence.

2. The archers' normal heart beat rate is 110 per minute in arrowing, while 90 per minute during the intervals. That's to say, there appears three 'peaks' and three 'ebbs' during the periods of releasing three arrows. An archer can thus monitor his own heart beat by practicing 'Song Jing Gong' or 'Sing She Gong' after knowing his own heart beat changes.

Qigong can help strengthen an archer's muscular sensitivity, build his body and resist diseases.

4. Qigong, as a means of improving athletic performance, plays the role that daily physical training cannot play, and thus is applicable in archery race.

5. However, the problems about the role of will, arrow's flying orbit and how to quicken its speed remain to be solved.

One suggestion: While furthering studies on qigong's application in archery, we can also try it in other games such as diving, discus throwing, shot putting, basketball, and etc., which may likely get good results.