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Title Author Journal Date
Study on vector potential created by eqr system Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K J Mind-Body Science 1999 VIEW
Study on Vector Potential Created by EQR System Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1999 VIEW
Thermographic analysis of an influence of emission from a 80 khz quartz resonance system on human bodies Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K Japanese Mind-Body Science 1997 VIEW
NMR Analyses of Effects of EQR System -Aqueous Solutions of Ethanol Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K//// J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1999 VIEW
Effect of Minerals Dissolved in Water on Half-width of NMR Spectrum Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K//// J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1999 VIEW
Study of an influence of an emission from a 80 khz quartz resonance system on water by means of NMR spectroscopy Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K//// Japanese Mind-Body Science 1998 VIEW
Study on the Pressure Dependence of Pulse Waves Adachi Yoshinori 1//Aoki Takashi 2//Fujii Takashi 2 J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1997 VIEW
Effect of Mineral Dissolved in Waters on NMR Spectra Adachi Yoshinori//Aoki Takashi//Koshfuku Yasuo//Yoshida Katsushi//// J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1998 VIEW
Electrical stimulation of cranial nerves in cognition and disease. Adair D1, Truong D1, Esmaeilpour Z2, Gebodh N1, Borges H1, Ho L1, Douglas Bremner J3, Badran BW4, Napadow V5, Clark VP6, Bikson M7 Brain Stimul. 2020 Feb 23 VIEW
International Consensus Based Review and Recommendations for Minimum Reporting Standards in Research on Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (Version 2020) Adam D Farmer1, Adam Strzelczyk2, Alessandra Finisguerra3, Alexander V Gourine4, Alireza Gharabaghi5, Alkomiet Hasan6,7, Andreas M Burger8, Andrés M Jaramillo9, Ann Mertens10, Arshad Majid11, Bart Verkuil12, Bashar W Badran13, Carlos Ventura-Bort14, Charly Gaul15, Christian Beste16, Christopher M Warren17, Daniel S Quintana18,19,20, Dorothea Hämmerer21,22,23, Elena Freri24, Eleni Frangos25, Eleonora Tobaldini26,27, Eugenijus Kaniusas28,29, Felix Rosenow2, Fioravante Capone30, Fivos Panetsos31, Gareth L Ackland32, Gaurav Kaithwas33, Georgia H O'Leary13, Hannah Genheimer34, Heidi I L Jacobs35,36, Ilse Van Diest37, Jean Schoenen38, Jessica Redgrave11, Jiliang Fang39, Jim Deuchars40, Jozsef C Széles41, Julian F Thayer42, Kaushik More43,44, Kristl Vonck10, Laura Steenbergen45, Lauro C Vianna46, Lisa M McTeague13, Mareike Ludwig47, Maria G Veldhuizen48, Marijke De Couck49,50, Marina Casazza51, Marius Keute5, Marom Bikson52, Marta Andreatta34,53, Martina D'Agostini37, Mathias Weymar14,54, Matthew Betts47,55,56, Matthias Prigge44, Michael Kaess57,58, Michael Roden59,60,61, Michelle Thai62, Nathaniel M Schuster63, Nicola Montano26,27, Niels Hansen64,65, Nils B Kroemer66, Peijing Rong67, Rico Fischer68, Robert H Howland69, Roberta Sclocco70,71, Roberta Sellaro72,73,74, Ronald G Garcia75,76, Sebastian Bauer2, Sofiya Gancheva59,60,77, Stavros Stavrakis78, Stefan Kampusch28,29, Susan A Deuchars40, Sven Wehner79, Sylvain Laborde80, Taras Usichenko81,82, Thomas Polak83, Tino Zaehle84, Uirassu Borges80,85, Vanessa Teckentrup66, Vera K Jandackova86,87, Vitaly Napadow70,71, Julian Koenig57,88 Front Hum Neurosci 2021 Mar 23 VIEW
Selective Neuromodulation of the Vagus Nerve Adam Fitchett1, Svetlana Mastitskaya1, Kirill Aristovich1 Front Neurosci 2021 May 24 VIEW
Health and Wellness Coaching in Serving the Needs of Today's Patients: A Primer for Healthcare Professionals Adam I Perlman1, Abd Moain Abu Dabrh1,2 Glob Adv Health Med 2020 Sep 21 VIEW
The effects of a complex yoga-based intervention on healthy psychological functioning Adam Koncz1,2, Eszter Nagy3, Barbara Csala1, János Körmendi1,2,4, Vera Gál1,2, Csilla Suhaj1,2, Csongor Selmeci5, Ágota Selmeciné Bogdán5, Szilvia Boros1, Ferenc Köteles6,2 Front Psychol 2023 Mar 30 VIEW
Effects of Supervised Exercise Training on Atrial Fibrillation: A META-ANALYSIS OF RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS Adam Oesterle1, Shaun Giancaterino, Megan G Van Noord, Cara N Pellegrini, Dali Fan, Uma N Srivatsa, Ezra A Amsterdam J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
Modeling the Mindfulness-to-Meaning Theory's Mindful Reappraisal Hypothesis: Replication with Longitudinal Data from a Randomized Controlled Study Adam W Hanley1,2, Michael de Vibe3, Ida Solhaug4, Norman Farb5, Phillipe R Goldin6, James J Gross7, Eric L Garland1,2,8 Stress Health 2021 Feb 19 VIEW
To be mindful of the breath or pain: Comparing two brief preoperative mindfulness techniques for total joint arthroplasty patients Adam W Hanley1, Jeremy Gililland2, Eric L Garland1 J Consult Clin Psychol 2021 Jun 24 VIEW
The Safety of Pediatric Acupuncture: A Systematic Review. Adams D, Cheng F, Jou H, Aung S, Yasui Y, Vohra S. Pediatrics. 2011 Nov 21 VIEW
General principles for measuring resting membrane potential and ion concentration using fluorescent bioelectricity reporters. Adams DS, Levin M. Cold Spring Harb Protoc. 2012 Apr 1 VIEW
Endogenous voltage gradients as mediators of cell-cell communication: strategies for investigating bioelectrical signals during pattern formation. Adams DS, Levin M. Cell Tissue Res. 2012 Feb 17 VIEW
A randomized controlled trial of a controlled breathing protocol on heart rate variability following myocardial infarction or coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Adams J, Julian P, Hubbard M, Hartman J, Baugh S, Segrest W, Russell J, McDonnell J, Wheelan K. Clin Rehabil 2009 Sep VIEW
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