Study on vector potential created by eqr system

Author: Adachi Y//Aoki T//Yoshihuku Y//Yoshida K
Chubu University
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 1999
Other: Volume ID: 8 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 59-66 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 165

Some of the authors have reported that EQR (emission from quartz resonance) has significant biomedical influences on human bodies. The EQR, however, has been an unknown quantity in terms of physical meaning. Here, we proposed that the EQR could be vector potential produced by resonance currents of the quartz, and that this vector potential brought the various biomedical influences described in the former papers. Because the vector potential is difficult to measure, we tried to evaluate the intensity and the space distribution of the vector potential produced by the EQR system by using a simplified AC dipole model. The result showed that the EQR system produces a vertically swinging 80kHz wave of the vector potential, and that the intensity of the vector potential A is in inverse proportion to distance from the quartz; Az is 2.33 X 10-11 Wb/m at irradiation distance d » 30cm, when the resonant current is 3mA. The biomedical influences described in the former reports would be ascribable to this vector potential.