A Thermographical Analysis of Influences of Emission from a 80kHz Quartz Resonance System and Exercises on Human Bodies

Author: Adachi Y 1//Aoki T 2//Yoshihuku Y 3//Yoshida K 4
College of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University (Aichi, Japan) [1]//Dep. of Engineering Physics, Chubu University (Aichi, Japan) [2]//Dep. of Natural Science and Mathematics, Chubu University (Aichi, Japan)[3]//Dep. of Health Science, Chubu university (Aichi, Japan) [4]
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 1997
Other: Volume ID: 15 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 439-445 , Word Count: 113

Influences of emission (EQR) from a 80kHz quartz resonance system and exercises on human bodies were examined in terms of thermographics. Increasing in temperatures on surfaces of both palms of subjects irradiated by the EQR were considerably larger than those of their faces and necks. This phenomenon suggests that the EQR irradiation has a special effect to enhance the peripheral circulation of blood. The influence caused by the EQR was compared with that by exercises. Increases of the surface temperatures caused by the exercises were similar to those by the EQR. Influence of EQR irradiation was similar to that by a Qi master's irradiation, indicating the existence of healing power in EQR irradiation.