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Title Author Journal Date
Non-pharmacological depression therapies for older Chinese adults: A systematic review & meta-analysis. Gill BK1, Cant R2, Lam L2, Cooper S2, Lou VWQ3 Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2020 Feb 25 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi training on the physical and mental health status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Guo C1, Xiang G2, Xie L2, Liu Z2, Zhang X1, Wu Q2, Li S2, Wu Y1 J Thorac Dis. 2020 Mar VIEW
[Effects of Fitness Qigong Baduanjin on phlegm-dampness hypertension] De-Gang Dong, Zhi-da Yu, Zhong-Shun Yu Zhongguo Ying Yong Sheng Li Xue Za Zhi 2020 Mar VIEW
Effectiveness of LiuZiJue Qigong versus traditional core stability training for poststroke patients complicated with abnormal trunk postural control: study protocol for a single-center randomized controlled trial. Wang C1,2, Yu L1, Yang J1, Wang RW2, Zheng YN1,2, Zhang Y3 Trials. 2020 Mar 12 VIEW
Practitioner Review: Effective management of functional difficulties associated with sensory symptoms in children and adolescents. Lane AE1 J Child Psychol Psychiatry. 2020 Mar 13 VIEW
High school baseball players' experiences with static qigong training: A qualitative approach. Kim TY1, Kim JH2 Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2020 May VIEW
Non-pharmacological treatments of inpatients with major depression - The case of Polish (Poznan) and German (Kiel) hospital. Zaprutko T1, Göder R2, Rybakowski F3, Kus K4, Kopciuch D4, Paczkowska A4, Ratajczak P4, Nowakowska E4 Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2020 May VIEW
Can Qigong improve non-motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's disease - A pilot randomized controlled trial? Moon S1, Sarmento CVM2, Steinbacher M3, Smirnova IV4, Colgrove Y5, Lai SM6, Lyons KE7, Liu W8 Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2020 May VIEW
Therapies for cognitive impairment in breast cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy: A protocol for systematic review. Zhang Q1, Gao X2, Liu S2, Yu L1, Zhu J1, Qiu S2 Medicine (Baltimore). 2020 May VIEW
Evidence Base of Clinical Studies on Qi Gong: A Bibliometric Analysis Ya-Peng Zhang 1, Rui-Xue Hu 2, Mei Han 3, Bao-Yong Lai 4, Shi-Bing Liang 5, Bing-Jie Chen 6, Nicola Robinson 7, Kevin Chen 8, Jian-Ping Liu 9 Complement Ther Med 2020 May VIEW
Acceptance of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Launching Point Julie Johnson Rolfes 1, Kimberly Christensen 2 3, Lynn A Gershan 2 3 Glob Adv Health Med 2020 May 7 VIEW
Qigong for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Infection in Older Adults Fan Feng 1, Sylvie Tuchman 2, John W Denninger 1, Gregory L Fricchione 1, Albert Yeung 1 2 Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 2020 May 15 VIEW
A Pilot Study on the Effects of Yi Jin Jing Exercise for Older Men With Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ZhiWei Liu, Ting Chen, Mingkang Shen, Kai Li, ChunJie Ma, Antonnette Ketlhoafetse, XiangYun Liu J Aging Phys Act 2020 May 20 VIEW
The Effect of Qigong Wuqinxi for Osteopenia and Primary Osteoporosis: A Protocol for Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Min Liu 1, Dongying Liu, Peipei Hong, Xianliang Qiu, Qiu Chen Medicine (Baltimore) 2020 May 22 VIEW
The Effect of Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise on Depression and Anxiety of Individuals With Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Fang Liu 1, Jiabao Cui 1, Xuan Liu 1, Kevin W Chen 1 2, Xiaorong Chen 1, Ru Li 3 BMC Complement Med Ther 2020 May 29 VIEW
Mindful Exercise (Baduanjin) as an Adjuvant Treatment for Older Adults (60 Years Old and Over) of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial JiaJia Ye 1 2 3, Qikai Zheng 4, Liye Zou 5, Qian Yu 5, Nicola Veronese 6, Igor Grabovac 7, Sinisa Stefanac 7, Huey-Ming Tzeng 8, Jane Jie Yu 9 Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2020 Jun 14 VIEW
The Idealist and Pragmatist View of Qi in Tai Chi and Qigong: A Narrative Commentary and Review George Chengxi Bao J Integr Med 2020 Jun 19 VIEW
The Effects of Tai Chi and Qigong on Immune Responses: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Byeongsang Oh123, Kyeore Bae14, Gillian Lamoury123, Thomas Eade123, Frances Boyle23, Brian Corless1, Stephen Clarke13, Albert Yeung5, David Rosenthal5, Lidia Schapira6, Michael Back123 Medicines (Basel) 2020 June 30 VIEW
"A Good Guy" Again: Biosociality in a Cancer Self-help Organization Feifei Li 1, Chadwick Wang Med Anthropol 2020 Jul 3 VIEW
Qigong for Drug Addiction Michael D Acupuncture Today 2002 VIEW
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