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[The efficacy of qigong (breathing exercise) and antihypertensive drug therapy in 426 hypertensive patients and changes in plasma dopamine-beta-hydroxylase activity] Wang CX// You CY Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih 1982 VIEW
Retardation of coronary atherosclerosis with yoga lifestyle intervention Manchanda SC//Narang R//Reddy KS//Sachdeva U//// J Assoc Physicians India 2000 VIEW
Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy with High Strength Magnetic Fields: A Preliminary Study Suggestive of Nerve Nichols TW Whole Person Health Summit, 2nd Qigong Summit 2005 VIEW
The characteristics and significance of intrathoracic and abdominal pressures during Qigong (Q-G) maneuvering. Zhang SX//Guo HZ//Jing BS//Liu SF Aviat Space Environ Med 1992 VIEW
The characteristics and theoretical basis of the Qigong maneuver. Guo HZ//Zhang SX//Jing BS Aviat Space Environ Med 1991 VIEW
Experimental verification of effectiveness and harmlessness of the Qigong maneuver. Zhang SX//Guo HZ//Jing BS//Wang X//Zhang LM Aviat Space Environ Med 1991 VIEW
A preliminary report on a new anti-G maneuver. Guo HZ//Zhang SX//Jing BS//Zhang LM Aviat Space Environ Med 1988 VIEW
An observation on flash evoked cortical potentials and Qigong meditation. Zhang W//Zheng R//Zhang B//Yu W//Shen X Am J Chin Med 1993 VIEW
Effects of qigong on cardiorespiratory changes: a preliminary study. Lim YA//Boone T//Flarity JR//Thompson WR Am J Chin Med 1993 VIEW
Medical applications of qigong and emitted qi on humans, animals, cell cultures & plants: review of selected scientific research Sancier KM//Hu B Am J. Acupuncture 1991 VIEW
Effect of emitted bioenergy on biochemical functions of cells. Chien CI//Tsuei JJ//Lee SC//Huang YC//Wei YH Am J Chin Med 1991 VIEW
Changes in brainstem and cortical auditory potentials during Qi-Gong meditation. Liu GL// Cui RQ// Li GZ// Huang CM Am J Chin Med 1990 VIEW
Eastern And Western Orthopaedic Management In Shoulder Disorder Chin RM 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf 2001 VIEW
Sudarshan Kriya yogic breathing in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression: part I-neurophysiologic model Brown RP//Gerbarg PL J Altern Complement Med 2005 VIEW
Medical applications of qigong Sancier KM Altern Ther Health Med 1996 VIEW
The effect of qigong on therapeutic balancing measured by electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV): A preliminary study. Sancier KM Acupunct Electrother Res 1994 VIEW
Common factors contributing to intractable pain and medical problems with insufficient drug uptake in areas to be treated, and their pathogenesis and treatment: Part I. Combined use of medication with acupuncture, (+) Qi gong energy-stored material, soft laser or electrical stimulation. Omura Y//Losco BM//Omura AK//Takeshige C//// Acupunct Electrotherapeutics Res, Intl J 1992 VIEW
Storing of qi gong energy in various materials and drugs (qigongization): its clinical application for treatment of pain, circulatory disturbance, bacterial or viral infections, heavy metal deposits, and related intractable medical problems by selectively enhancing circulation and drug uptake. Omura Y Acupunct Electrotherapeutics Res, Intl J 1990 VIEW
Connections found between each meridian (heart, stomach, triple burner, etc.) & organ representation area of corresponding internal organs in each side of the cerebral cortex; release of common neurotransmitters and hormones unique to each meridian and corresponding acupuncture point & internal organ after acupuncture, electrical stimulation, mechanical stimulation (including shiatsu), soft laser stimulation or QI Gong. Omura Y Acupunct Electrotherapeutics Res, Intl J 1989 VIEW
Unique changes found on the Qi Gong (Chi Gong) Master's and patient's body during Qi Gong treatment; their relationships to certain meridians & acupuncture points and the re-creation of therapeutic Qi Gong states by children & adults. Omura Y//Lin TL//Debreceni L//Losco BM//Freed S//Muteki T//Lin CH Acupunct Electrotherapeutics Res, Intl J 1989 VIEW
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