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Title Author Author Affiliation Journal Date
Resilience for Health-An Emergent Property of the "Health Systems as a Whole" Joachim P Sturmberg Journal Eval Clin Pract. 2018 Dec VIEW
Biology, Genes, and Resilience: Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach Lucy Bowes, Sara R Jaffee Trauma Violence Abuse 2013 Jul VIEW
Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Resilience: Stress Habituation and Where to Intervene Jeanette M Bennett, Nicolas Rohleder, Joachim P Sturmberg Journal of evaluation in clinical practice 2018 Dec VIEW
Understanding Resilience: New Approaches for Preventing and Treating PTSD Sarah R Horn, Dennis S Charney, Adriana Feder Experimental neurology 2016 Oct VIEW
Adapting to Stress: Understanding the Neurobiology of Resilience Carlos Osório, Thomas Probert, Edgar Jones, Allan H Young, Ian Robbins 1 a King's College London. Behavioral medicine (Washington, D.C.) 2017 Oct-Dec VIEW
Understanding Resilience Gang Wu, Adriana Feder, Hagit Cohen, Joanna J Kim, Solara Calderon, Dennis S Charney, Aleksander A Mathé Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 2013 Feb 15 VIEW
Promoting Resilience in Medicine: The Effects of a Mind-Body Medicine Elective to Improve Medical Student Well-being Michelle K Williams, Irene M Estores, Lisa J Merlo Global advances in health and medicine 2020 May 21 VIEW
Changes in Perceived Stress After Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Education Interventions for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial Jonathan Berlowitz, Daniel L Hall, Christopher Joyce, Lisa Fredman, Karen J Sherman, Robert B Saper, Eric J Roseen Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.) 2020 Jun 4 VIEW
Nonpharmacologic Therapies in Patients With Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis Claudia C Dobler, Allison S Morrow, Magdoleen H Farah, Bradley Beuschel, Abdul M Majzoub, Michael E Wilson, Bashar Hasan, Mohamed O Seisa, Lubna Daraz, Larry J Prokop, M Hassan Murad, Zhen Wang Mayo Clinic proceedings 2020 Jun VIEW
Trait and State Interoceptive Abnormalities Are Associated With Dissociation and Seizure Frequency in Patients With Functional Seizures Akihiro Koreki, Sarah N Garfkinel, Marco Mula, Niruj Agrawal, Sarah Cope, Talia Eilon, Cassandra Gould Van Praag, Hugo D Critchley, Mark Edwards, Mahinda Yogarajah Epilepsia 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
On the Coupling of Mechanics With Bioelectricity and Its Role in Morphogenesis A Leronni, L Bardella, L Dorfmann, A Pietak, M Levin Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 2020 Jun VIEW
Effect of Home-Based Tai Chi, Yoga or Conventional Balance Exercise on Functional Balance and Mobility Among Persons With Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease: An Experimental Study Arva Khuzema, A Brammatha, V Arul Selvan Hong Kong physiotherapy journal : official publication of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association Limited = Wu li chih liao 2020 Jun VIEW
Falls and Older People: Preventative Interventions Alison E While British journal of community nursing 2020 Jun 2 VIEW
Effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Bone Healing: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Lihong Peng, Chenying Fu, Feng Xiong, Qing Zhang, Zejun Liang, Li Chen, Chengqi He, Quan Wei Bioelectromagnetics 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
Exercise, Brain Plasticity, and Depression Jin-Lei Zhao, Wan-Ting Jiang, Xing Wang, Zhi-Dong Cai, Zu-Hong Liu, Guo-Rong Liu CNS neuroscience 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
A Meta-Analysis of Heart Rate Variability and Neuroimaging Studies: Implications for Heart Rate Variability as a Marker of Stress and Health Julian F Thayer 1, Fredrik Ahs, Mats Fredrikson, John J Sollers 3rd, Tor D Wager Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2012 Feb VIEW
The Effect of Qigong Wuqinxi for Osteopenia and Primary Osteoporosis: A Protocol for Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Min Liu 1, Dongying Liu, Peipei Hong, Xianliang Qiu, Qiu Chen Medicine (Baltimore) 2020 May 22 VIEW
The Therapeutic Efficacy of Qigong Exercise on the Main Symptoms of Fibromyalgia: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial Caio V M Sarmento 1 2, Sanghee Moon 2, Taylor Pfeifer 2, Irina V Smirnova 2, Yvonne Colgrove 2, Sue Min Lai 3, Wen Liu 2 Integr Med Res 2020 Dec VIEW
Mindfulness and Yoga for Psychological Trauma: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Jennifer Taylor 1 2, Loyola McLean 2 3 4, Anthony Korner 3, Elizabeth Stratton 1 2, Nicholas Glozier 1 2 J Trauma Dissociation 2020 May 26 VIEW
Music Intervention in Pain Relief of Cardiovascular Patients in Cardiac Procedures: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Yiru Wang 1 2, Jing Wei 3, Xinzhu Guan 1 2, Yifan Zhang 1 2, Yiyi Zhang 1, Na Zhang 1, Meijiao Mao 1 2, Wenting Du 1, Yajuan Ren 1, Hong Shen 1 2, Ping Liu 1 Pain Med 2020 May 29 VIEW
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