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Somatosensory illusions elicited by sham electromagnetic field exposure: experimental evidence for a predictive processing account of somatic symptom perception Carolin Wolters1, Jana Harzem1, Michael Witthöft2, Alexander L Gerlach1, Anna Pohl1 Psychosom Med 2020 Nov 2 VIEW
Comparative effectiveness of physical exercise interventions for chronic non-specific neck pain: a systematic review with network meta-analysis of 40 randomised controlled trials Rutger Mj de Zoete1,2, Nigel R Armfield3, James H McAuley4, Kenneth Chen3,5, Michele Sterling3 Br J Sports Med 2020 Nov 2 VIEW
A secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial to investigate the effect of Tai Chi on the instrumented timed up and go test in people with mild to moderate dementia Jonathan Williams1, Samuel Nyman2 Aging Clin Exp Res 2020 Nov 3 VIEW
Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can cause considerable changes in the balance of Bax/Bcl2 mRNA expression in the hippocampus of mice Fatemeh-Zakieh Tohidi1, Arianeh Sadr-Nabavi2, Hossein Haghir3, Reza Fardid4, Houshang Rafatpanah5, Hosein Azimian6, Mohammad-Hossein Bahreyni-Toossi6 Electromagn Biol Med 2020 Oct 20 VIEW
Stress and Mindfulness in Parkinson's Disease: Clinical Effects and Potential Underlying Mechanisms Anouk van der Heide1,2, Marjan J Meinders3, Anne E M Speckens4, Tessa F Peerbolte2, Bastiaan R Bloem1, Rick C Helmich1,2 Mov Disord 2020 Oct 23 VIEW
Non-pharmacological Interventions for Respiratory Health in Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Laura McMahon1, Catherine Blake1, Olive Lennon1 Eur J Neurol 2020 Oct 24 VIEW
Learning to breathe with Tai Chi online - qualitative data from a randomized controlled feasibility study of patients with cystic fibrosis Patricia Ronan1, Awais Mian1, Siobhán B Carr2,3, Susan L Madge4, Ava Lorenc5, Professor Nicola Robinson1,6 Eur J Integr Med 2020 Oct 22 VIEW
New approaches for treating atrial fibrillation: Focus on autonomic modulation Daniel Sohinki1, Stavros Stavrakis2 Trends Cardiovasc Med 2020 Oct 1 VIEW
The effects of a 6-month moderate-intensity Hatha yoga-based training program on health-related fitness in middle-aged sedentary women: a randomized controlled study Michał T Boraczyński1, Tomasz W Boraczyński2, Zbigniew Wójcik3, Jan Gajewski4, James J Laskin5 J Sports Med Phys Fitness 2020 Aug 1 VIEW
The Effects of Physical Exercise on Cognition: How Heart Rate Variability Can Predict Cognitive Performances Giovanna Sannino1, Ivanoe De Falco1, Giuseppe De Pietro1, Saverio Stranges2,3,4 Front Hum Neurosci 2020 Aug 31 VIEW
A Curriculum to Promote a Culture of Wellness Among Medical Students and Faculty Catherine F Pipas1, John A Damianos2, Leah Montalbano1, Allison L Matous1, Jianjun Hua3, Glenda H Shoop1 PRiMER 2020 Jul 10 VIEW
Health Benefits of Tai Chi Exercise: A Guide for Nurses Sally M Miller1, Cindy Hui-Lio2, Ruth E Taylor-Piliae3 Nurs Clin North Am 2020 Dec 1 VIEW
Psychophysiological responses to various slow, deep breathing techniques Ali Gholamrezaei1,2, Ilse Van Diest1, Qasim Aziz3, Johan W S Vlaeyen1,4, Lukas Van Oudenhove2 Psychophysiology 2020 Oct 27 VIEW
Effects of Reiki Session Excluding the Variables Responsible for the Placebo Effect on a Group of Adults Scarascia Graziano, Cristiano Luigi Altern Ther Health Med 2020 Oct 31 VIEW
13C NMR studies of glycogen turnover in the perfused rat liver G I Shulman1, D L Rothman, Y Chung, L Rossetti, W A Petit Jr, E J Barrett, R G Shulman J Biol Chem 1988 Apr 15 VIEW
The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Trials Patama Gomutbutra1,2, Nalinee Yingchankul1, Nipon Chattipakorn3, Siriporn Chattipakorn3,4, Manit Srisurapanont5 Front Psychol 2020 Sep 15 VIEW
The Gut-Brain Axis and Its Role in Depression Saruja Nanthakumaran1, Saijanakan Sridharan1, Manoj R Somagutta1, Ashley A Arnold2, Vanessa May1, Sukrut Pagad3, Bilal Haider Malik3 Cureus 2020 Sep 6 VIEW
Effect of exercise on bone mineral density and quality of life among postmenopausal women with osteoporosis without fracture: A systematic review D S Anupama1, Judith A Norohna2, Kiran Kv Acharya3, Ravishankar4, Anice George1 Int J Orthop Trauma Nurs 2020 Jul 28 VIEW
The impact of Tai Chi on cognitive rehabilitation of elder adults with mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis Li Wei1, Qianwen Chai2, Jin Chen1, Qin Wang1, Yuting Bao3, Weiwei Xu1, Enting Ma1 Disabil Rehabil 2020 Oct 12 VIEW
Complementary and integrative health interventions in post-stroke rehabilitation: a systematic PRISMA review Alysha A Walter1, Marieke Van Puymbroeck2, Pamela Bosch3, Arlene A Schmid4 Disabil Rehabil 2020 Oct 12 VIEW
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