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Mindfulness and social-emotional skills in Latino pre-adolescents in the U.S.: The mediating role of executive function Shuang Lu1, Chien-Chung Huang2, Shannon P Cheung2, Juan A Rios3, Yafan Chen2 Health Soc Care Community 2020 Aug 11 VIEW
Safety and effectiveness of a Tai Chi-based cardiac rehabilitation programme for chronic coronary syndrom patients: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial Jing Ma#1, Jian Wei Zhang#2, Hua Li3, Lian Shan Zhao4, Ai Ying Guo3, Zai Hao Chen5, Wen Yuan5, Tian Ming Gao2, Ya Meng Li2, Cui Han Li5, Hong Wei Wang2, Bo Song2, Yu Long Lu2, Mei Ze Cui2, Qiu Yang Wei2, Shao Jun Lyu6, Heng Chan Yin6 BMJ Open 2020 Jul 5 VIEW
Cholinergic neurons in the hypothalamus and dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus are directly responsive to growth hormone Paula G F Quaresma1, Pryscila D S Teixeira1, Frederick Wasinski1, Ana M P Campos1, Edward O List2, John J Kopchick2, Jose Donato Jr3 Life Sci 2020 Aug 8 VIEW
Non-thermal effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields Peter Wust1, Benedikt Kortüm2, Ulf Strauss3, Jacek Nadobny4, Sebastian Zschaeck4,5, Marcus Beck4, Ulrike Stein2,6, Pirus Ghadjar4 Sci Rep 2020 Aug 10 VIEW
Low-frequency power of heart rate variability is not a measure of cardiac sympathetic tone but may be a measure of modulation of cardiac autonomic outflows by baroreflexes David S Goldstein1, Oladi Bentho, Mee-Yeong Park, Yehonatan Sharabi 1Clinical Neurocardiology Section, Clinical Neurosciences Program, Division of Intramural Research, ... Exp Physiol 2011 Dec VIEW
Electrophysiological investigation of the effects of Tai Chi on inhibitory control in older individuals Chiao-Yun Chen1, Neil G Muggleton2 Prog Brain Res 2020 VIEW
Can Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Improve Athletic Performance? A Systematic Review Jeffrey Cayaban Pagaduan1, Yung-Sheng Chen2, James William Fell1, Sam Shi Xuan Wu3 J Hum Kinet 2020 Jul 21 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi versus Taekkyon on balance, lower-extremity strength, and gait ability in community-dwelling older women: A single-blinded randomized clinical trial Chang-Yong Kim1, Hyun-Dong Je1 2, Hyewon Jeong3, Ji-Hoon Jeong4, Hyeong-Dong Kim3 J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil 2020 VIEW
Everything Hertz: methodological issues in short-term frequency-domain HRV James A J Heathers1 Front Physiol 2014 May 7 VIEW
Subjective Evaluation of Performance in a Collaborative Task Is Better Predicted From Autonomic Response Than From True Achievements Alexander Maye1, Jürgen Lorenz2, Mircea Stoica1, Andreas K Engel1 Front Hum Neurosci 2020 Jul 17 VIEW
Emerging Clinical Technology: Application of Machine Learning to Chronic Pain Assessments Based on Emotional Body Maps Pavel Goldstein1, Yoni Ashar2, Jonas Tesarz3, Mehmet Kazgan4, Burak Cetin4, Tor D Wager5 Neurotherapeutics 2020 Aug 7 VIEW
Comparative study of physiologic characteristics between the newly compiled Bafa Wubu of tai chi and 24 form simplified tai chi Shaojun Lyu1, Jianwei Zhang1, Jianquan Nie2, Cuihan Li3, Tianming Gao1, Wen Yuan3, Zaihao Chen3, Jing Ma4 BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil 2020 Jul 29 VIEW
Heart Rate Variability Mainly Relates to Cognitive Executive Functions and Improves Through Exergame Training in Older Adults: A Secondary Analysis of a 6-Month Randomized Controlled Trial Patrick Eggenberger1 2, Simon Annaheim1, Kerstin A Kündig1 2, René M Rossi1, Thomas Münzer3 4, Eling D de Bruin2 5 Front Aging Neurosci 2020 Jul 15 VIEW
Beneficial Effects of Baduanjin Exercise on Left Ventricular Remodelling in Patients after Acute Myocardial Infarction: an Exploratory Clinical Trial and Proteomic Analysis Shuai Mao1 2 3, Xiaoxuan Zhang1 2, Minggui Chen1 2, Chuyang Wang4, Qubo Chen4, Liheng Guo1 2, Minzhou Zhang5 6, Aleksander Hinek3 Cardiovasc Drugs Ther 2020 Aug 6 VIEW
Yoga Meditation Enhances Proprioception and Balance in Individuals Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease Nicholas P Cherup1, Keri L Strand1, Lucrezia Lucchi1, Savannah V Wooten1, Corneliu Luca2, Joseph F Signorile1 3 Percept Mot Skills 2020 Aug 3 VIEW
Exercise training, circulating cytokine levels and immune function in cancer survivors: A meta-analysis Nasim Khosravi,1 Lee Stoner2 , Vahid Farajivafa1 , Erik D Hanson3 Brain Behav Immun 2019 Oct VIEW
Cortical reorganization processes in meditation naïve participants induced by 7 weeks focused attention meditation training Lukas Lenhart1, Ruth Steiger2, Michaela Waibel3, Stephanie Mangesius2, Astrid E Grams2, Nicolas Singewald4, Elke R Gizewski2 Behav Brain Res 2020 Jul 31 VIEW
[Effects of Fitness Qigong Baduanjin on phlegm-dampness hypertension] De-Gang Dong, Zhi-da Yu, Zhong-Shun Yu Zhongguo Ying Yong Sheng Li Xue Za Zhi 2020 Mar VIEW
Similarities and Differences in Interoceptive Bodily Awareness Between US-American and Japanese Cultures: A Focus-Group Study in Bicultural Japanese-Americans A Freedman1 2, H Hu3, I T H C Liu4, A L Stewart5, S Adler1 6, W E Mehling7 8 Cult Med Psychiatry 2020 Aug 1 VIEW
Intrinsic functional brain connectivity patterns underlying enhanced interoceptive sensibility Xiaoqin Wang1, Yafei Tan2, Omer Van den Bergh3, Andreas von Leupoldt3, Jiang Qiu4 J Affect Disord 2020 Jul 20 VIEW
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