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Title Author Journal Date
Anger expression correlates with platelet aggregation Wenneberg SR//Schneider RH//Walton KG//MacLean CR//// Behav Med 1997 VIEW
A study of structure of phenomenology of consciousness in meditative and non-meditative states Venkatesh S//Raju TR//Shivani Y//Tompkins G//Meti BL Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1997 VIEW
Autonomic patterns during respiratory suspensions: possible markers of Transcendental Consciousness Travis F//Wallace RK Psychophysiology 1997 VIEW
The experience of therapeutic touch for novice recipients Sneed NV, Olson M, Bonadonna R J Holist Nurs 1997 VIEW
External Qi Therapy to Treat Symptoms of Agent Orange Sequelae in Korean Combat Veterans of the Vietnam War Myeong Soo Lee//Won-Hong Woo The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2004 VIEW
Effects of Emitted Qi on In Vitro Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Activity Myeong Soo Lee1//Hwa Jeong Huh1//Hye-Sook Jang3//Chang Sub Han1//Hoon Ryu1 and Hun-Taeg Chung2* American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2001 VIEW
Effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on adaptive mechanisms: changes in hormone levels and responses to stress after 4 months of practice MacLean CR//Walton KG//Wenneberg SR//Levitsky DK//// Psychoneuroendocrinology 1997 VIEW
Being present: experiential connections between Zen Buddhist practices and the grieving process Edwards M Disabil Rehabil 1997 VIEW
Effects of Qi-therapy on premenstrual syndrome Jang Hye-Sook 1//Lee MS 2//Kim Myung-Ja 3//Chong ES 4 Intern. J. Neuroscience 2004 VIEW
Facilitation of self-transcendence in a breast cancer support group Coward DD Oncol Nurs Forum 1998 VIEW
Acute effect of Chun Do Sun Bup ki-training on natural killer cell subsets and cytotoxic activity Huh HW//Ryu H//Kim SK//Chung HT 1996 Seoul International Sport Science Congress 1996 VIEW
Modulation of neuroendocrinological function by psychosomatic training: acute effect of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training on growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I, and insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP)-3 in men Ryu HLee MS//Jeong SM//Lee JH//Kang CW//Lee DY//Chung HT Psychoneuroendocrinology 2000 VIEW
Stress management by psychosomatic training: effects of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training on symptoms of stress: a cross-sectional study Lee MS//Ryu H//Chung HT Stress Medicine 2000 VIEW
A Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory profile of ChunDoSunBup qi-trainees: a preliminary study Lee MS//Jeong SM//Kim BG//Ryu H//Oh SW//Chung HT Am J Chin Med 1999 VIEW
Effects of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training on growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-I, and testosterone in young and elderly subjects Lee MS//Kang CW//Ryu H//Kim JD//Chung HT Am J Chin Med 1996 VIEW
Acute effects of chundosunbup qi-training on blood concentrations of TSH, calcitonin, PTH and thyroid hormones in elderly subjects Lee MS//Kang CW//Shin YS//Huh HJ//Ryu H//// Am J Chin Med 1998 VIEW
Effect of qigong training on proportions of T lymphocyte subsets in human peripheral blood. Ryu H//Jun CD//Lee BS//Choi BM//// Am J Chin Med 1995 VIEW
Qigong Yangsheng as a Complementary Therapy in the Management of Asthma: A Single-Case Appraisal Reuther I//Aldridge D Journal of the American Medical Association 1998 VIEW
Evidence for Correlations Between Distant Intentionality and Brain Function in Recipients: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis Achterberg J//Cooke K//Richards T//Standish LJ//Kozak L//Lake J. THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 2005 VIEW
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