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Title Author Author Affiliation Journal Date
Study of Alpha Waves in EEG under Acupuncture Anesthesia Ueda Yoshihiro//Kahiba Hitoshi//Ishii Masaaki//Mori Yutaka Dept. of Physiology, Kansai College of Oriental Medicine (Osaka, Japan) J Intl Soc Life Info Science 1998 VIEW
Qigong: Chinese Medicine or Pseudoscience? Zixin Lin (Editor)//Yu Li//Guo Zhengyi//Shen Zhenyu//Zhang Honglin 2000 VIEW
Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) for cancer pain in adults Robb KA, Bennett MI, Johnson MI, Simpson KJ, Oxberry SG c/o Physiotherapy Department, Bart\'s Hospital, Kenton and Lucas Block, West Smithfield, London, UK,... Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2008 Jul VIEW
Do you want to know your power of 'Yi Nian'? Liu Xingzhong//Wang Guidi Qinhe Building Nol 7, Beijing, China [1] 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science 1990 VIEW
Qigong and acupuncture treatment for 57 cases of obstinate constipation Chen Jing Fujian Teachers University Hospital, Fuzhou, China 1st Int Cong of Qigong 1990 VIEW
Search for medical applications of qigong with the qigong database Sancier KM J. Alt. Compl. Med. 2001 VIEW
An observation on flash evoked cortical potentials and qigong meditation Zhang Wenbin 1//Zhen Rongrong 1//Zhang Benkun 1//Yu Weilin 1//Shen Xueyong 2 Qigong Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, China [1] //... 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Qigong and behavioral medicine: an integrated approach to pain Mayer Michael J. Trad Eastern Health & Fitness 1996-97 VIEW
Survey of 100 doctors using simulated qigong in the USA Yuan Zhifu Family Acupuncture Center, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA [1] 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1993 VIEW
Chinese Exercise Helps Seniors LOHAS Newletter 2006 VIEW
The use of qigong in clinical practice in tropical Australia Timmers Pam Healing Arts Centre, Cairns, Australia [1] 1st Int Sem on Qigong 1986 VIEW
Effects of whole body vibration training on balance in adolescents with and without Down syndrome. Villarroya MA, González-Agüero A, Moros T, Gómez-Trullén E, Casajús JA. GENUD (Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development) Research Group, University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza... Res Dev Disabil. 2013 Jul 18 VIEW
Electromagnetic field hypersensitivity, cancer, pre-cancer & abnormal pure (-) qi gong energy emission Omura Y Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.E. Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Resear... 3rd International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test 1997 VIEW
43 cases of insomnia treated with 'spontaneous dynamic qigong by pressing acupoints' Yang Yuanjing China [1] 1st Int Sem on Qigong 1986 VIEW
Tentative exploration of philosophical thoughts in qigong science Hao Lianhu Shaanxi People's Hospital, China [1] 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Effects of qigong on psychosomatic and other emotionally rooted disorders Pavek Richard R USA [1] 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1988 VIEW
Effect of treating neurasthenia with relaxation training and biofeedback therapy Yang Shengling//Wei Baolin//Qin Chao//Li Li//Jiang Sainan//Du Chusheng//Shi Jianhua Qigong and Biofeedback Section, Dept of Physiology, Xi’an Medical University, Xi’an, China [1] 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Observations on the curative effects of 58 cases of coronary heart disease treated with 'Chen family qigong' Chen Yunhou China [1] 1st Int Sem on Qigong 1986 VIEW
Hypothesis of Qi Saneto Toshi PSI Science Institute of Japan, Japan [1] 1st Int Sem on Qigong 1986 VIEW
The application of taiji restraining point in relaxing qigong Song Xinhong//Xia Shuangquan Qigong Teaching and Research Section, Wuhan Sports College, Wuhan, China [1] 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
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