Chinese tai ji wu xing qigongfor cancer

Author: He B
Conference/Journal: 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf
Date published: 2001
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The cancer in the middle to late stages is the most difficult to treat even though a lot of efforts from cancer research have been done for the past half decade. Still there are no solutions to this problem. All kinds of medical treatment and therapies are performed for cancer. There is an increased rate of patients with cancer and the death rate continues to increase. In this situation it is necessary for us to find a new appropriate solutions because the past treatment is not working. According to a Chinese medical magazine reporter, “Dr. Guway Polata, American Cancer Therapy Institute research report indicates that about 10% of cancer patients tumors will disappear naturally and not reappear. American Cancer Association has also done a research on two hundred self-curing cancer patients and the results indicated that the main reason for the elimination of cancer was due to the increase of the human immune system.” The result of this research has clearly indicated how to treat middle stage cancers and also other terminal diseases. Therefore, I think to fight the middle stage cancers should be based on how to build a patient’s abilities to adjust and stimulate their own self immune system and self-healing ability. Not focusing only on the diseased parts of the body, but treating the entire body. In order to destroy the tumor you sacrifice the immune system of the person. The research project we did published in 1997 in Asian Medicine,“ The inhibitory effects of Chinese Taiji Wuxing Qigong on transplanted hepatocarcinoma in mice,” indicated the Chinese Taiji Wuxing Qigong worked remarkably in inhibiting the growth of transplanted hepatocarcinoma.