Cancer qigong

Author: Morita Yasahiro
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Japan Branch
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 225-226 , Word Count: 610

It is possible to recover naturally from any serious disease if you
induce the natural healing ability of your body via the energy of the universe, the Qi in nourishment, and herbal medicine (low-molecular weight anti-oxidizing enzyme).

The basic cause of aging and various diseases is active oxygen. To get to the root of this problem we need to activate the anti-oxidizing enzyme. By regulating the circulation of Qi, blood and body fluids, activating the enzyme that transforms active oxygen into water and promoting the secretion of the hormone P-endorphin (the brain's morphine) with Inner Brain Revolutionary Qigong, it is possible to treat disease and/or aging.

By practicing Internal Qigong (Qigong that works with the continued
development and regulation of the congenital Qi of a person and the
acquired Qi derived from nutrients and air), External Qigong (Qigong that is geared towards receiving and exchanging Qi from the universe and nature) and utilizing the Qi in nourishment, the growth of the liver cancer I had was effectively stopped and I crawled out of the abyss of death.

What follows is my experience with cancer and the onset of disease and the Cancer Qigong I used to treat it:

My daily food intake from 1948 to 1997, a total of 49 years:

12 bottles or more of beer
pickled vegetables
white rice (one bowl per day)

2. History of the Disease:

1963: Stomach cancer - all surgically removed
1975: Lung cancer - the upper right lobe removed surgically
May 1997: Large Intestine cancer - inoperable
May 1997: Liver cancer ó inoperable

Qigong for Cancer:

It is believed that there are two stages in the development of a cancer. In the first stage, due to either the invasion of
carcinogens or a cancer-producing virus, the genetic information (DNA) contained in the nucleus of cells lessens, gets confused or misread and thus normal cells begin to mutate. This is called insertion'.

In the second stage, chemical substances taken in from outside the body or enzymes or hormones from within the body further effect the mutated cell which then becomes a cancer cell. This is called 'promotion'. Cancer is considered to be a result of this two stage processes of 'insertion-promotion'.

If only stage one, 'insertion', occurs, no cancer will result. In order for the onset of cancer to occur both the insertion and production stages must occur.

Two powerful carcinogens, benzpyrene and nitrosamine are examples of how this two-stage processes can be initiated as both have the effect of acting as 'initiators' and 'promoters'.

External Qigong, Internal Qigong and the Qi in nourishment along with External and Internal Far-infrared Radiation Resonance Qigong and Enzyme Active Oxygen Qigong form the treatment for cancer.

Cancer Qigong Treatment:

Internal Qigong:

a. Static Qigong: It consists of gathering Qi from Xian
Tian San Yuan (Congenital Three Sources) and Hou Tian
San Yuan (Acquired Three Sources), storing it and of
Qiao Xue (Acupoint) Qigong.
Dynamic Qigong: It consists of gathering Qi from Xian
Tian San Yuan (Congenital Three Sources) and Hou Tian San
Yuan (Acquired Three Sources), storing it and of San Men
San Mai (Three Gates and Three Meridians) Qi Gong, Laudan
(Work Elixir) Qigong, and Yong Dan (Gushing Elixir)

External Qigong:

This involves receiving Qi at Congenital and Acquired Three Sources, and having it gathered and stored by an accomplished Qigong practitioner.

Qi in Nourishment:

There are various kinds, and they are subject to change
according to syndromes. Numbers 106, 108, 2081 308, 5081 808, 908, 907.

External, Internal and Resonance Infra-red Radiation Qigong:

Active Oxygen Qigong:

This is a method of Qigong in which the anti-oxidizing enzyme is activated to counteract the cancer. It consists of stopping the flow of blood in the body, then abruptly restoring it to normal.