Analysis on brain electric waves under the effect of external qi emitted by a qigong master -- changes of healthy person's EEG power spectrum under the action of infrasonic sound

Author: Niu Xin//Liu Guolong//Yu Zhiming
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 32 , Word Count: 678

Human body is an organic whole of the unity of shape and spirit. It is undoubtedly significant to clarify the essence of qigong and reveal the mysteries of human brain by applying the technique of measuring electrocortical potential to the research on the effect of external qi emitted by a qigong master.

This research adopted computer signal disposal system. The subjects were divided into groups. We analyzed the changes of normal subjects brain electrical potential and their power spectrums under the effect of external qi and infrasonic sound. The research on the effect of infrasonic sound sound the external qi of the qigong is a new problem in medicine and biology. This research took the intensity of infrasonic sound of external qi emitted by a qigong master as an index and tested the characteristics of infrasonic sound of the external qi emitted by testing waigong masters. Out of 20 over 70 db and let them emit external qi. We exerted infrasonic sound waves of proper intensity produced by infrasonic generator on normal subjects and observed the changes of their brain electric potential.

Conventional electroencephalography was adopted and international standard electrode was set. The testing state of subjects was controlled by biological feedback instrument. The infrasonic generator was GQ-II type infrasonic sound instrument of qigong made in China.

The brain electric waves of time domain recorded by groups were feedback to 7T17(S) signal analysis instrument made in Japan. By means of flicker fusion threshold (FF T), we got the power spectrum of frequency domain. The sampling clock of EEG imitating signal was 100 as; sampling dots, 256/per channel; analyzing time, 2.56 sec.; spectrum-line dots, 100. After sufficient data were collected, we removed mixed interference signals and got the power spectrum of 0-40 HZ. analyzing results consisted of three parts: 1. compressed power spectrum formation diagram; 2. average power spectrum diagram; 3. T testing diagram.

The Summary of the results is as follows:

1. As compared with control group, EEG power spectrum changes of external qi exerting group had very remarkable difference P < 0.001; among the self-control group twenty cases out of 45, P < 0.005; twelve cases, P < 0.01.

2. Under the effect of external qi, the change of EEG power spectrum was characterized by the increase of frontal energy and also fronto-occipital reversal phenomenon, total lead high power and alpha synchronization. The change of electric waves was similar to that of qigong wasters quiescent state.

3. After external qi exerting , the frequency of a spike of EEG average power spectrum moved to the left 1-2.5 HZ.

4. Under the effect of infrasonic sound, the change of EEG power spectrum also had remarkable significance, P < O.001. The result of external qi group and infrasonic sound group were similar.

In view of the above-mentioned results we infer that:

1. Under the effect of external qi, the subjects energy change and increase of EEG power spectrum may be related to energy transference between qigong masters and subjects.

2. It has been reported that the external qi can bring about some chemical; changes of abiotic substances, nucleic acid and cells. In this experiment the similar changes caused by external qi and internal gong have further proved that besides psychological factors the effect of the external qi does exist.

3. The subjects' brain electric frequency generated resonance near the qigong masters infrasonic sound frequency of external qi. The change of brain electric rhythm was similar to that include by electromagnetic vibration. It is inferred that the infrasonic sound in the external qi emitted by a qigong master is the really effective ingredient which causes the change of brain electricity.

4. Alpha rhythm of human brain ranges between 8 and 13 HZ. The spike frequency of infrasonic sound in qigong masters external qi, 8–12.5 HZ. Under the effect of external qi and infrasonic sound, the change of alpha rhythm of human brain was also within the range of 8–l2.5 HZ. The research on human brain's response to infrasonic vibration may further reveal the real origin of the rhythm of human brain. This experiment has further observed some particular phenomena under the effect of the external qi and the infrasonic sound through animal experiments.