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The integrated approach of yoga: a therapeutic tool for mentally retarded children: a one-year controlled study Uma K//Nagendra HR//Nagarathna R//Vaidehi S//// J Ment Defic Res 1989 VIEW
Improving aerobic capacity in healthy older adults does not necessarily lead to improved cognitive performance Madden DJ//Blumenthal JA//Allen PA//Emery CF Psychol Aging 1989 VIEW
Cardiovascular and behavioral effects of aerobic exercise training in healthy older men and women Blumenthal JA//Emery CF//Madden DJ//George LK//// J Gerontol 1989 VIEW
Effect of yogic training on serum LDH levels Pansare MS//Kulkarni AN//Pendse UB J Sports Med Phys Fitness 1989 VIEW
A Comparison of Compliance to Group Meditation, Individual Meditation and Didactic Group Training in a Program to Help Lower Blood Pressure in Black Adults Cort DA Dissertation Abstracts International 1989 VIEW
The Effects of Clinically Standardized Meditation on Type II Diabetics Cerpa H Dissertation Abstracts International 1989 VIEW
[Observation of qi-gong treatment in 60 cases of pregnancy-induced hypertension][Article in Chinese] Zhou MR//Lian MR Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 1989 VIEW
Field model of consciousness: EEG coherence changes as indicators of field effects Travis FT//Orme-Johnson DW Int J Neurosci 1989 VIEW
Transcendental meditation, mindfulness, and longevity: an experimental study with the elderly Alexander CN//Langer EJ//Newman RI//Chandler HM//// J Pers Soc Psychol 1989 VIEW
Differential effects of relaxation techniques on trait anxiety: a meta-analysis Eppley KR//Abrams AI//Shear J J Clin Psychol 1989 VIEW
The effects of the transcendental mediation technique and progressive muscle relaxation on EEG coherence, stress reactivity, and mental health in black adults Gaylord C//Orme-Johnson D//Travis F Int J Neurosci 1989 VIEW
Metabolic rate, respiratory exchange ratio, and apneas during meditation Kesterson J//Clinch NF Am J Physiol 1989 VIEW
Effect of Mental Factors on Tumor in Qigong Complex Therapy Sun F//Lei S//Yan Y//Zhao Q//// Eastern Qigong 1989 VIEW
Physical training and relaxation therapy in cardiac rehabilitation assessed through a composite criterion for training outcome van Dixhoorn J//Duivenvoorden HJ//Staal HA//Pool J Am Heart J 1989 VIEW
The effects of a task-oriented physical education program on the Newsham SL Unpublished doctoral dissertation, San Diego, CA 1989 VIEW
Disorders of arousal and the relaxation response: speculations on the nature and treatment of stress-related diseases Everly GS Jr, Benson H. Int J Psychosom. 1989 VIEW
Effectiveness of yogic techniques in the management of anxiety Sahasi, G., Mohan, D., and Kacker, C. Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies 1989 VIEW
Consciousness and Bose-Einstein condensates I.N. Marshall New Ideas in Psychology 1989 VIEW
Phase space electroencephalography (EEG): a new mode of intraoperative EEG analysis R C Watt1, S R Hameroff Int J Clin Monit Comput 1988 Dec 7 VIEW
Allostasis: A new paradigm to explain arousal pathology Sterling, P., & Eyer, J. Handbook of Life Stress, Cognition and Health 1988 VIEW
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