Effect of emitted qi on changes of rat T-cell subclasses in peripheral blood

Author: Feng Lida//Chen Shuying//Wang Saixi/Chen Haixin
Navy General Hospital China Immunology Research Center, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 69 , Word Count: 158

By flow cytometer and Mabs technique, successive observation for peripheral blood T lymphocyte subclasses in immunedefect rat showed the significant disturbance of T cell subsets in rats without qigong waiqi with decrease of pan T cell and T h/i cells, and increase of T s/c cells, resulting in the reduction of Th/Ts cell ratio. The changes above of T cell subsets in rats affected by qigong waiqi were much more insignificant and returned to normal starts more quickly than those of T cell subsets in rats without being affected by waiqi (P<0.05).

Our finding suggests that qigong waiqi plays a positive role in recovering from certain diseases of human being, one possible mechanism of which is that qigong waiqi has some stimulative effects on enhancement of cell immune function. The above results test offer a notable evidence for objective existence of waiqi and an important information for clinical and laboratorial research of qigong waiqi.