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Human mind has microwave electromagnetic nature and can be recorded and processed Andrey S Bryukhovetskiy1, Leonid I Brusilovsky2, Sergey P Kozhin3, Pavel G Serafimovich4, Artem V Nikonorov4, Maria Zhukova1, Hari Shanker Sharma5 Prog Brain Res 2020 Nov 24 VIEW
Investigating the relationship between cardiac interoception and autonomic cardiac control using a predictive coding framework Andrew P Owens1, Karl J Friston2, David A Low3, Christopher J Mathias4, Hugo D Critchley5 Auton Neurosci 2018 Mar 1 VIEW
Is the Human Touch Always Therapeutic? Patient Stimulation and Spreading Depolarization after Acute Neurological Injuries Andrew P Carlson1, Herbert T Davis2, Thomas Jones3, K C Brennan4, Michel Torbey5, Rosstin Ahmadian6, Fares Qeadan7, C William Shuttleworth8 Transl Stroke Res 2022 Apr 2 VIEW
Lifting the veil on Bohm's holomovement Andrew Lohrey, Bruce Boreham Commun Integr Biol 2021 Nov 22 VIEW
Optimizing Our Patients' Entropy Production as Therapy? Hypotheses Originating from the Physics of Physiology Andrew J E Seely1,2,3 Entropy (Basel) 2020 Sep 29 VIEW
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) for stimulation of bone healing - A narrative review Andrew Harrison1, Volker Alt2 Injury 2021 May 12 VIEW
Local Nanomechanical Motion of the Cell Wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Andrew E. Pelling, Sadaf Sehati, Edith B. Gralla, Joan S. Valentine and James K. Gimzewski Science 2004 Aug 20 VIEW
Electrical impedance along connective tissue planes associated with acupuncture meridians Andrew C Ahn AC 1//Wu J 2//Badger GJ 3//Hammerschlag R 4//Langevin HM 5 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2005 VIEW
Effect of Flexibility Training Associated with Multicomponent Training on Posture and Quality of Movement in Physically Inactive Older Women: A Randomized Study Andressa Crystine da Silva Sobrinho1, Mariana Luciano de Almeida2, Guilherme da Silva Rodrigues1, Larissa Chacon Finzeto3, Vagner Ramon Rodrigues Silva4, Rodrigo Fenner Bernatti5, Carlos Roberto Bueno Junior1,2,3 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Oct 13 VIEW
Pesticide Use and Relative Leukocyte Telomere Length in the Agricultural Health Study. Andreotti G1, Hoppin JA2, Hou L3, Koutros S1, Gadalla SM1, Savage SA1, Lubin J1, Blair A1, Hoxha M4, Baccarelli A5, Sandler D6, Alavanja M1, Beane Freeman LE1. PLoS One. 2015 Jul 21 VIEW
0127 Pesticide use and relative telomere length in the Agricultural Health Study. Andreotti G1, Hoppin J2, Savage S1, Hou L3, Baccarelli A4, Hoxha M4, Koutros S1, Sandler D2, Alavanja M1, Beane Freeman L1. Occup Environ Med. 2014 Jun VIEW
Order stability via Fröhlich condensation in bio, eco, and social systems: The quantum-like approach Andrei Khrennikov1 Biosystems 2021 Dec 29 VIEW
The interplay of excitation and electroporation in nanosecond pulse stimulation Andrei G Pakhomov1, Olga N Pakhomova2 Bioelectrochemistry 2020 Jul 15 VIEW
Acupuncture for the treatment of major depressive disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Andreescu C, Glick RM, Emeremni CA, Houck PR, Mulsant BH. J Clin Psychiatry. 2011 May 3 VIEW
Slow deep breathing modulates cardiac vagal activity but does not affect peripheral glucose metabolism in healthy men Andreas Vosseler1,2,3, Dongxing Zhao2, Julia Hummel1,2,3, Ali Gholamrezaei4, Sarah Hudak1,2,3, Konstantinos Kantartzis1,2,3, Andreas Peter2,3,5, Andreas L Birkenfeld1,2,3, Hans-Ulrich Häring1,2,3, Robert Wagner1,2,3, Hubert Preißl2,3, Stephanie Kullmann2,3, Martin Heni6,7,8,9 Sci Rep 2021 Oct 13 VIEW
tVNS in the management of headache and pain Andreas Straube1, Ozan Eren2 Auton Neurosci 2021 Aug 31 VIEW
Heart rate variability (HRV): From brain death to resonance breathing at 6 breaths per minute Andreas R Schwerdtfeger1, Gerhard Schwarz2, Klaus Pfurtscheller3, Julian F Thayer4, Marc N Jarczok5, Gert Pfurtscheller6 Clin Neurophysiol 2020 Mar 1 VIEW
Response to "The Use of Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Treat Respiratory Symptoms Associated with COVID-19: A Theoretical Hypothesis and Early Clinical Experience" Andreas M Burger1, Martina D'Agostini2 Neuromodulation 2020 Oct 1 VIEW
Non-Pharmacological Management of Painful Peripheral Neuropathies: A Systematic Review Andreas Liampas1, Martina Rekatsina2, Athina Vadalouca3, Antonella Paladini4, Giustino Varrassi5, Panagiotis Zis6 Adv Ther 2020 Aug 18 VIEW
Chronic effects of stretching on range of motion with consideration of potential moderating variables: A systematic review with meta-analysis Andreas Konrad1, Shahab Alizadeh2, Abdolhamid Daneshjoo3, Saman Hadjizadeh Anvar2, Andrew Graham2, Ali Zahiri2, Reza Goudini2, Chris Edwards2, Carina Scharf4, David George Behm5 J Sport Health Sci 2023 Jun 8 VIEW
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