Medical observation on the influence of health preserving qigong to the aged people’s cerebrovascular resistance charts

Author: Bai Huimin//Rutien ?
Anhui Normal University, WuHu, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 42 , Word Count: 416

Qigong is one of the precious cultural heritages of China's medical science, and the important method of traditional health preservation as well. For the purpose of researching the mechanism and enriching the context of qigong, the author of this article has observed the cerebrovascular resistance graphs of about 30 retired people before and after took up qigong exercises.

Three years ago, there were five people taking up Taiji Boxing, and He Xiang-zhuang Qigong. All of there 30 people have the medical history of high blood pressure among whom 16 were accompanied with eye ground retinal arteriosclerosis, 13 with headaches, 5 with chronic bronchitis and 5 of them have record of coronary heart disease.

Means of Observation:

First of all, check up the 3-year ago disease records of these people, them make a record examination through the objective blood pressure (BP) index numbers and the cerebrovascular resistance graphs. Take the operation conventionally so as to avoid various affective elements during the procedure of examination.

All of these 30 people attended the Health Preserving Class at the Aged College to learn qigong Health Preserving Exercises, Eight Section Brocade, Six-character Formula, and Yuan-Ming Exercises, etc.

Results of Observation:

In comparison with that of 3 years ago, the systolic pressure has on the overage, decreased 17.7 mmHg, the diastolic pressure has decreased 24.9 mmHg (p < 0.01); as to the cerebrovascular resistance blood flow graph, the ascending angle of the double fore-head-test lead, has risen 14.02 degrees, the point-included angle has reduced 29.16 degrees, and the rising time has shortened 0.068 second, the amplitude has gone up 0.105 ohm. Two cases have obvious dicrotic pulse wave, the other 18 cases become indistinct and the rest 10 cases have disappeared. The sloping types of wave have reduced from 18 to 8, the types of turning have increased to 19, and the 3-peak types have fallen to 1 while the vertical type has added 2.

Results of Pulvinar-test Lead Examination:

The ascending angle has increased 27.1 degrees, the point-included angle has reduced 29.1 degrees. The rising time has shortened 0.046 seconds, and the amplitude has increased 0.015 ohms. Three cases have changed into vertical types, the sloping types have decreased from 15 to 3 .

The blood pouring index number (h/a) has increased 0.12 ohm/second, and the blood flowing index number (h/b) has increased 0.31 ohm/second.

Changes of the various index numbers listed above indicates that this group of aged people have improved obviously their blood vessels, since they took up qigong exercises 3 years ago. Therefore, it is rather significant to research and demonstrate the mechanism of Health Preserving Qigong through the index numbers of the cerebrovascular resistance graphs.