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The effect of mind-body exercise on cognitive function in cancer survivors: A systematic review Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani1, Samira Soleimanpour2, Samantha J Mayo3, Jamie S Myers4, Prabdeep Panesar5, Farzaneh Ameri6 Can Oncol Nurs J 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Subjective confidence reflects representation of Bayesian probability in cortex Laura S Geurts1, James R H Cooke1, Ruben S van Bergen1,2, Janneke F M Jehee3 Nat Hum Behav 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
The effect of backward walking observational training on gait parameters and balance in chronic stroke: randomized controlled study Yiyeop Moon1, Youngsook Bae2 Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Sleep moderates the effects of Tibetan yoga for women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy Kelsey L Sinclair1, Emalee Kiser1, Chelsea G Ratcliff2,3, Alejandro Chaoul4, Martica H Hall5, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche6, Lorenzo Cohen7 Support Care Cancer 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi on the neuromuscular function of the patients with functional ankle instability: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Huiru Tang1, Min Mao2, Daniel T P Fong3, Qipeng Song1, Yan Chen1, Zhipeng Zhou1, Cui Zhang4, Jiangna Wang1, Xuewen Tian1, Wei Sun5 Trials 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Setting Up a Successful Vagus Nerve Stimulation Service for Patients With Difficult-to-Treat Depression Christoph Kraus1, Darin Quach2, David M Sholtes3, Erhan Kavakbasi4, Renske De Zwaef5, Maxine Dibué6, John Zajecka7, Bernhard T Baune8 Neuromodulation 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Thoracolumbar Rotation During Tai Chi Movements-A Biomechanical Analysis of the Entire Peking Style Routine Christian Wehner1, Carina Wehner2, Hermann Schwameder3, Wolfgang Schobersberger1 Front Sports Act Living 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Network Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Different Types of Traditional Chinese Exercises on Pulmonary Function, Endurance Capacity and Quality of Life in Patients With COPD Lingling Li1, Hailiang Huang1, Jiao Song2, Ying Yu3, Yuqi Jia1, Yajie Wang1, Xiaowen Dang1, Lei Huang1, Xinyue Liu4 Front Med (Lausanne) 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Increased gray matter following mindfulness-based stress reduction in breast cancer survivors with chronic neuropathic pain: preliminary evidence using voxel-based morphometry Taylor Hatchard1,2, Stephanie Penta1, Ola Mioduzsewski3, Stacey Correia1, Talia Tissera1, Olivier Brown3, Sasha A Haefner1, Patricia Poulin4, Andra M Smith5 Acta Neurol Belg 2022 Feb 3 VIEW
Effectiveness of a nurse-led Mindfulness-based Tai Chi Chuan (MTCC) program on Posttraumatic Growth and perceived stress and anxiety of breast cancer survivors Jia-Yuan Zhang1, Sha-Sha Li2, Li-Na Meng1, Yu-Qiu Zhou1 Eur J Psychotraumatol 2022 Feb 3 VIEW
A preliminary investigation of yoga as an intervention approach for improving long-term weight loss: A randomized trial Jessica L Unick1,2, Shira I Dunsiger3, Beth C Bock2,3,4, Sally A Sherman5, Tosca D Braun2,4, Rena R Wing1,2 PLoS One 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
The nervous system as a solution for implementing closed negative feedback control loops Rodrigo Sosa1, Emmanuel Alcalá2 J Exp Anal Behav 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
The efficacy of Tai Chi for depression: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis Guojian He1, Xiucai Zhang2, Ting Yan3, Jiayi Wang4, Qi Li3, Tianyu Liu3, Youn-Poong Oh5 Medicine (Baltimore) 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
Lower Socioeconomic Position Is Associated with Greater Activity in and Integration within an Allostatic-Interoceptive Brain Network in Response to Affective Stimuli Gabriella M Alvarez1, Marc D Rudolph1, Jessica R Cohen1,2, Keely A Muscatell1,2 J Cogn Neurosci 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
Different acquisition systems for heart rate variability analysis may lead to diverse outcomes F A de Oliveira Júnior1, R A Pereira2, A S Silva2, J L de Brito Alves3, J H Costa-Silva4, V A Braga5, C M Balarini1 Braz J Med Biol Res 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
Mechanisms of motor symptom improvement by long-term Tai Chi training in Parkinson's disease patients Gen Li#1, Pei Huang#2, Shi-Shuang Cui1, Yu-Yan Tan1, Ya-Chao He1, Xin Shen1, Qin-Ying Jiang3, Ping Huang4, Gui-Ying He1, Bin-Yin Li1, Yu-Xin Li3, Jin Xu3, Zheng Wang5, Sheng-Di Chen6 Transl Neurodegener 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
Placebo response vary between different types of sham acupuncture: A randomized double-blind trial in neck pain patients Dian Zeng1, Xiaoxia Yan1, Hongmei Deng1, Jiemei Li1, Jiaxin Xiao1, Jiawei Yuan1, Jianpeng Huang1, Nenggui Xu2, Wenbin Fu1, Liu Jianhua1 Eur J Pain 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
Pulsed electromagnetic fields may be effective for the management of primary osteoporosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis Siyi Zhu, Yi Li, Liqiong Wang, Jinming Huang, Kangping Song, Xinling Gan, Xiaona Xiang, Chengqi He, Lin Yang IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
[Active mind-body movement therapies and pulmonary rehabilitation for people with COPD] R Gauthier1, J Vassail2, J-P Croutaz2, C Raspaud3 Rev Mal Respir 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
Meta-Analysis of Tai Chi Chuan in Treating Lumbar Spondylosis and Back Pain Fushun Zhang1, Junfang Zhao2, Nan Jiang1, Qiao Zhai1, Juanjuan Hu1, Jing Zhang1 Appl Bionics Biomech 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
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