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Examining the Mediating Role of Mindful Parenting: A Study on the Relationship Between Parental Emotion Regulation Difficulties and Problem Behaviors of Children with ASD Aydan Aydin1 J Autism Dev Disord 2022 Jan 28 VIEW
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy of Major Depressive Disorder Improves Heart Rate Variability Chukwuemeka V Onyilo1, William V McCall, Peter Rosenquist J ECT 2022 Jan 28 VIEW
Noninvasive electrical stimulation as an adjunct to fusion procedures: a systematic review and meta-analysis Abhijith V Matur1, Zachary J Plummer1, Juan C Mejia-Munne1, Monir Tabbosha2, Justin N Virojanapa1, Rani Nasser1, Joseph S Cheng1 J Neurosurg Spine 2022 Jan 28 VIEW
Complementary medicine use in US adults with hypertension: a nationally representative survey Wiebke Kathrin Kohl-Heckl1, Marleen Schröter2, Holger Cramer2 Complement Ther Med 2022 Jan 28 VIEW
The Lonely Brain - Associations Between Social Isolation and (Cerebro-) Vascular Disease From the Perspective of Social Neuroscience Janine Gronewold1, Miriam Engels2 Front Integr Neurosci 2022 Jan 28 VIEW
Vagus nerve stimulation: An update on a novel treatment for treatment-resistant depression Lojine Y Kamel1, Willa Xiong2, Britt M Gott1, Arun Kumar3, Charles R Conway4 J Neurol Sci 2022 Jan 29 VIEW
Interoceptive awareness in anorexia nervosa Andrea Phillipou1, Susan L Rossell2, David J Castle3, Caroline Gurvich4 J Psychiatr Res 2022 Jan 30 VIEW
Exploring the vagus nerve and the inflammatory reflex for therapeutic benefit in chronic spinal cord injury Ona Bloom1, Kevin J Tracey, Valentin A Pavlov Curr Opin Neurol 2022 Jan 31 VIEW
To thine own self be true: interoceptive accuracy and interpersonal problems Wendy D'Andrea1, Nadia Nieves2, Treva Van Cleave3 Borderline Personal Disord Emot Dysregul 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Yoga Interventions Involving Older Adults: Integrative Review Nancy L Martens J Gerontol Nurs 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
A pilot study of a mindfulness informed yoga intervention in young people with psychosis Destiny O'Dea1, Jackie Curtis1,2, Alana Scully2, Julia Lappin1,2 Early Interv Psychiatry 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Combined VNS-RNS Neuromodulation for Epilepsy Pouya Khankhanian1, Angelica M Lee2, Cornelia N Drees3, Barbara M Decker4, Danielle A Becker3 J Clin Neurophysiol 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Tai Chi for Dynamic Balance Training Among Individuals with Cerebellar Ataxia: An Assessor-Blinded Randomized-Controlled Trial Stanley John Winser1, Marco Pang1, William W N Tsang2, Susan L Whitney3 J Integr Complement Med 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
The effect of mind-body exercise on cognitive function in cancer survivors: A systematic review Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani1, Samira Soleimanpour2, Samantha J Mayo3, Jamie S Myers4, Prabdeep Panesar5, Farzaneh Ameri6 Can Oncol Nurs J 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Subjective confidence reflects representation of Bayesian probability in cortex Laura S Geurts1, James R H Cooke1, Ruben S van Bergen1,2, Janneke F M Jehee3 Nat Hum Behav 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
The effect of backward walking observational training on gait parameters and balance in chronic stroke: randomized controlled study Yiyeop Moon1, Youngsook Bae2 Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Sleep moderates the effects of Tibetan yoga for women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy Kelsey L Sinclair1, Emalee Kiser1, Chelsea G Ratcliff2,3, Alejandro Chaoul4, Martica H Hall5, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche6, Lorenzo Cohen7 Support Care Cancer 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi on the neuromuscular function of the patients with functional ankle instability: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Huiru Tang1, Min Mao2, Daniel T P Fong3, Qipeng Song1, Yan Chen1, Zhipeng Zhou1, Cui Zhang4, Jiangna Wang1, Xuewen Tian1, Wei Sun5 Trials 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Setting Up a Successful Vagus Nerve Stimulation Service for Patients With Difficult-to-Treat Depression Christoph Kraus1, Darin Quach2, David M Sholtes3, Erhan Kavakbasi4, Renske De Zwaef5, Maxine Dibué6, John Zajecka7, Bernhard T Baune8 Neuromodulation 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
Thoracolumbar Rotation During Tai Chi Movements-A Biomechanical Analysis of the Entire Peking Style Routine Christian Wehner1, Carina Wehner2, Hermann Schwameder3, Wolfgang Schobersberger1 Front Sports Act Living 2022 Feb 2 VIEW
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