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Effects of Tai-Chi and Running Exercises on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Biomarkers in Sedentary Middle-Aged Males: A 24-Week Supervised Training Study Yi Wang1,2,3, Xian Guo4, Liangchao Liu5, Minhao Xie6, Wing-Kai Lam1,7 Biology (Basel) 2022 Feb 26 VIEW
Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Urinary Incontinence with or without Biofeedback or Electrostimulation in Women: A Systematic Review Souhail Alouini1,2, Sejla Memic2, Annabelle Couillandre2,3,4 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022 Feb 27 VIEW
Meditation-Based Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Ting-Han Lin1, Ka-Wai Tam2,3,4,5, Yu-Ling Yang6, Tsan-Hon Liou6,7, Tzu-Herng Hsu1,6,7, Chi-Lun Rau6,7,8 Pain Med 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
"Practice Makes Perfect"? Associations Between Home Practice and Physical and Emotional Function Outcomes Among Patients with Chronic Pain Enrolled in a Mind-Body Program Sarah W Hopkins1,2, Jonathan Greenberg1,2,3, Jordan Isaacs1,2, Ana-Maria Vranceanu1,2,3 J Integr Complement Med 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
Effects of Supervised Exercise Training on Atrial Fibrillation: A META-ANALYSIS OF RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS Adam Oesterle1, Shaun Giancaterino, Megan G Van Noord, Cara N Pellegrini, Dali Fan, Uma N Srivatsa, Ezra A Amsterdam J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
A Call to Use the Multicomponent Exercise Tai Chi to Improve Recovery From COVID-19 and Long COVID Juan Pablo Castro1, Marie Kierkegaard2, Manuel Zeitelhofer3 Front Public Health 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
How food overconsumption has hijacked our notions about eating as a pleasurable activity Denise de Ridder1, Marleen Gillebaart2 Curr Opin Psychol 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
Effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the management of complex regional pain syndrome type 1: A randomized-controlled trial İsmail Cömertoğlu1, Seçilay Güneş2, Atilla Halil Elhan3, Evren Üstüner4, Şehim Kutlay2, Ayşe Adile Küçükdeveci2 Turk J Phys Med Rehabil 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Reply to: Comment on: "Optimal exercise parameters of tai chi for balance performance in older adults: A meta-analysis" Guohua Zheng1, Lecong Wang1 J Am Geriatr Soc 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Comment on "Optimal exercise parameters of tai chi for balance performance in older adults: A meta-analysis" Aoran Yang1, Xin Tian2 J Am Geriatr Soc 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Mechanisms of Acupuncture in Improving Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Mitochondrial Damage Yu-Hang Jiang1, Jia-Kai He1, Ran Li1, Ze-Hao Chen1, Bao-Hui Jia2 Chin J Integr Med 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Acupuncture-related treatments improve cognitive and physical functions in Alzheimer's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Chuan-Ju Lin1, Mei-Ling Yeh2, Shu-Fang Wu2, Yu-Chu Chung3, Justin Chen-Hao Lee2 Clin Rehabil 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
[Epilepsy and Autonomic Nervous System] Kensuke Kawai1 Brain Nerve 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Music Therapy as an Intervention to Reduce Blood Pressure and Anxiety Levels in Older Adults With Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial Mateja Lorber, Suzana Divjak Res Gerontol Nurs Mar-Apr 2022 VIEW
Teaching Family Medicine and General Practice Muhammad Jawad Hashim1 Korean J Fam Med 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi Chuan on cortical sources of EEG rhythms in the resting state in elderly individuals: a cross-sectional study Tingting He1, Zhigang Hu Neuroreport 2022 Mar 2 VIEW
Influence of the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis on Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease Yael-Natalie H Escobar1,2, Devin O'Piela1,2, Loren E Wold1,2,3, Amy R Mackos1,2 J Alzheimers Dis 2022 Mar 2 VIEW
Pulsed Radiofrequency of the Vagal Nerve for Tinnitus -A Case-Study Henk M Koning1, Frits J van Hemert2 Int Tinnitus J 2022 Mar 3 VIEW
Pain in relationship to Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Henk M Koning1, Bas C Ter Meulen2 Int Tinnitus J 2022 Mar 3 VIEW
The effects of repeated brain MRI on chromosomal damage Cecile Herate#1, Patricia Brochard#1, Florent De Vathaire2,3,4, Michelle Ricoul1, Bernadette Martins5, Laurence Laurier5, Jean-Robert Deverre5, Bertrand Thirion5, Lucie Hertz-Pannier5, Laure Sabatier6,7 Eur Radiol Exp 2022 Mar 3 VIEW
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