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Title Author Journal Date
The Polyvagal Theory: New Insights Into Adaptive Reactions of the Autonomic Nervous System Stephen W Porges 1 Cleve Clin J Med. 2009 Apr VIEW
The polyvagal theory: new insights into adaptive reactions of the autonomic nervous system. Porges SW1 Cleve Clin J Med. 2009 Apr VIEW
The polyvagal theory: phylogenetic substrates of a social nervous system. Porges SW1 Int J Psychophysiol. 2001 Oct VIEW
The Positive Role of Tai Chi in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic Suodi Xu1, Julien S Baker2, Feng Ren3 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Jul 13 VIEW
The possibility of evoking clairvoyance Sako Y 1//Honma S 2 J Mind-Body Science 1998 VIEW
The possibility study of regulating blood pressure of the bed resters themselves with qigong Hou Shuli//Zhang Linfu//Gong Wenyao//Jiang Xiuying 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
The Possible Neuronal Mechanism of Acupuncture: Morphological Evidence of the Neuronal Connection between Groin A-Shi Point and Uterus. Chen CY, Chern RS, Liao MH, Chang YH, Hsu JY, Chien CH. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013 VIEW
The Possible Role of Electrical Stimulation in Osteoporosis: A Narrative Review Weifei Zhang1, Yuanrui Luo1, Jixuan Xu2, Chuan Guo1, Jing Shi2, Lu Li2, Xiao Sun3, Qingquan Kong1,3 Medicina (Kaunas) 2023 Jan 8 VIEW
The Possible Role of Stem Cells in Acupuncture Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases: a Literature Review of Basic Studies. Ho TJ1, Chan TM, Ho LI, Lai CY, Lin CH, Macdonald I, Harn HJ, Lin JG, Lin SZ, Chen YH. Cell Transplant. 2014 Mar 11 VIEW
The posterior cingulate cortex as a plausible mechanistic target of meditation: findings from neuroimaging. Brewer JA, Garrison KA. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2013 Sep 13 VIEW
The Potential Advantages of Tai Chi Chuan in Promoting Inhibitory Control and Spontaneous Neural Activity in Young Adults Qi-Qi Shen1, Heng-Chan Yin1, Lei Cui1,2, Jing-Yi Zhang1, Dong-Ling Wang1, Li-Na Zhu1, Yuan Wang1, Xiu-Juan Li3 Front Behav Neurosci 2021 Nov 4 VIEW
The potential effects of meditation on age-related cognitive decline: a systematic review. Gard T1, Hölzel BK, Lazar SW. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2014 Jan VIEW
The Potential Effects of Radiation on the Gut-Brain Axis. Jones CB1, Davis CM2, Sfanos KS1,3,4 Radiat Res. 2020 Jan 3 VIEW
The Potential for Mindfulness-Based Intervention in Workplace Mental Health Promotion: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Huang SL1, Li RH2, Huang FY3, Tang FC4. PLoS One. 2015 Sep 14 VIEW
The potential nutrigeroprotective role of Mediterranean diet and its functional components on telomere length dynamics. Davinelli S1, Trichopoulou A2, Corbi G3, De Vivo I4, Scapagnini G5 Ageing Res Rev. 2018 Nov 15 VIEW
The potential of magneto-electric nanocarriers for drug delivery. Kaushik A1, Jayant RD, Sagar V, Nair M. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2014 Oct VIEW
The potential of terahertz imaging for cancer diagnosis: A review of investigations to date. Yu C, Fan S, Sun Y, Pickwell-Macpherson E. Quant Imaging Med Surg. 2012 Mar VIEW
The potential positive epigenetic effects of various mind-body therapies (MBTs): a narrative review Simran Kripalani1, Basant Pradhan2, Kelly L Gilrain3 J Complement Integr Med 2021 Jun 22 VIEW
The potential role for acupuncture in treating symptoms in patients with lung cancer: an observational longitudinal study. Kasymjanova G, Grossman M, Tran T, Jagoe RT, Cohen V, Pepe C, Small D, Agulnik J. Curr Oncol. 2013 Jun VIEW
The potential synergistic effects between psychedelic administration and nature contact for the improvement of mental health Sam Gandy1,2, Matthias Forstmann3, Robin Lester Carhart-Harris1, Christopher Timmermann1, David Luke1,4, Rosalind Watts1,2 Health Psychol Open 2020 Dec 6 VIEW
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