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The Qigong and Energy Medicine Database™ contains abstracts collected by the Qigong Institute since 1984. Use the form below to search for the abstracts you are interested in and read them or print or export them in text format for offline reading.

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The database contains 18594 abstracts.
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Title Author Journal Date
Wound healing and complementary therapies: a review Wirth DP//Richardson JT//Eidelman WS J Altern Complement Med 1996 VIEW
Complementary healing intervention and dermal wound reepithelialization: an overview Wirth DP Int J Psychosom 1995 VIEW
Complementary healing therapies Wirth DP//Barrett MJ Int J Psychosom 1994 VIEW
The psychophysiology of nontraditional prayer Wirth DP//Cram JR Int J Psychosom 1994 VIEW
Zhongguo Gudai Qigong Yu Xianqin Zhexue (Ancient Chinese Qigong and Philosophy of the Pre-Qin Era) Zhang SM 1987 VIEW
Healing touch as a nursing intervention. Wound Infection following cesarean birth-an anecdotal case study Wetzel WS Journal of Holistic Nursing 1993 VIEW
Nurse uses energy to heal through touch Ford D The Journal Gazette 1997 VIEW
Energy work and the mind-body connection: a path for psychologists White G//Carson A San Diego Psychologist 1996 VIEW
Creating a new functional model of body healing energies Tiller W Journal of Holistic Health 1977 VIEW
Touch for health: a system of muscle testing and re-balancing Thie JF Massage Magazine 1997 VIEW
Dynamical energy systems and modern physics: fostering the science and spirit of complementary and alternative medicine Schwartz GE//Russek LG Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 1997 VIEW
Distant intentionality and healing: assessing the evidence Schlitz M Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 1997 VIEW
Intentionality and intuition and their clinical implications: a challenge for science and medicine Schlitz MJ ADVANCES: The Journal of Mind-Body Health 1996 VIEW
Electromagnetic field monitoring of changing state-function, including hypnotic states Ravitz LJ Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine 1970 VIEW
Parapsychology, Kirlian photography and creating healing Moss T Journal of Holistic Health 1982 VIEW
Study on the effectiveness of remote mental healing Miller RN Medical Hypotheses 1982 VIEW
How energy heals Light L New Age Journal 1998 VIEW
Current & potential applications of bioelectromagnetics in medicine Levin M Subtle Energies 1993 VIEW
Energy field disturbance Kelley H//Ludwig G Healing Touch Newsletter 1997 VIEW
Electronic evidence of auras, chakras in UCLA study Hunt V Brain/Mind Bulletin 1978 VIEW
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