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Title Author Journal Date
Chinese qigong and sexual urge Cao Fuchong//Qian Shanyan 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Pigu (practicing qigong without eating) and saccharide metabolism Cao Long 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science 1990 VIEW
Functional changes during the process of entering qigong quiescence Cao Zhenhua//Zhao Luming//Zhang Liancai 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Acupuncture in the Oncology Setting: Clinical Trial Update. Capodice JL. Curr Treat Options Oncol. 2010 Nov 30 VIEW
Preliminary Findings of a 4-Month Tai Chi Intervention on Tenderness, Functional Capacity, Symptomatology, and Quality of Life in Men With Fibromyalgia. Carbonell-Baeza A, Romero A, Aparicio VA, Ortega FB, Tercedor P, Delgado-Fernández M, Ruiz JR. Am J Mens Health. 2011 Mar 15 VIEW
Does Whole-Body Vibration Improve the Functional Exercise Capacity of Subjects With COPD? A Meta-Analysis. Cardim AB1, Marinho PE1, Nascimento JF Jr1, Fuzari HK1, Dornelas de Andrade A2 Respir Care. 2016 Sep 20 VIEW
Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorders. Carei TR, Fyfe-Johnson AL, Breuner CC, Brown MA. J Adolesc Health 2010 Apr VIEW
Randomized controlled clinical trial of yoga in the treatment of eating disorders. Carei TR, Fyfe-Johnson AL, Breuner CC, Brown MA. J Adolesc Health. 2010 Apr VIEW
Mind-body practices: An alternative, drug-free treatment for smoking cessation? A systematic review of the literature. Carim-Todd L, Mitchell SH, Oken BS. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2013 fMay 7 VIEW
Relations Among Parent-Reported Physical Activity and Interoception in Children Carissa Wengrovius1, Suzanna Zick2, Adriene M Beltz3, Erin E Wentz4, Dale A Ulrich5, Leah E Robinson6 Physiol Behav 2022 Jun 27 VIEW
Treatment of heart diseases by yoga Carl Carmell H 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Yoga treatment of diabetes Carl HM 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
Empathic pain observation does not influence automatic imitation in an online setting Carl Michael Galang1,2, Sukhvinder S Obhi3 Exp Brain Res 2023 Jan 1 VIEW
Toward a Unified View of Cognitive and Biochemical Activity: Meditation and Linguistic Self-Reconstructing May Lead to Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Improvement Carlo Dal Lin1, Laura Brugnolo2, Mariela Marinova2, Mario Plebani2, Sabino Iliceto1, Francesco Tona1, Giuseppe Vitiello3 Entropy (Basel) 2020 Jul 27 VIEW
Adapting to Stress: Understanding the Neurobiology of Resilience Carlos Osório, Thomas Probert, Edgar Jones, Allan H Young, Ian Robbins Behavioral medicine (Washington, D.C.) 2017 Oct-Dec VIEW
Mindfulness-based interventions for coping with cancer. Carlson LE Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2016 Mar 9 VIEW
Mind-Body Therapies in Cancer: What Is the Latest Evidence? Carlson LE1,2, Zelinski E3, Toivonen K4, Flynn M4, Qureshi M4, Piedalue KA4, Grant R5 Curr Oncol Rep. 2017 Aug 18 VIEW
Distress Management Through Mind-Body Therapies in Oncology. Carlson LE1 J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr. 2017 Nov 1 VIEW
Protocol for the MATCH study: Mindfulness and Tai Chi for cancer health a preference-based multi-site randomized comparative effectiveness trial (CET) of Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) vs. Tai Chi/Qigong (TCQ) for cancer survivors. Carlson LE1, Zelinski EL2, Speca M2, Balneaves LG3, Jones JM4, Mina DS4, Wayne PM5, Campbell TS6, Giese-Davis J2, Faris P7, Zwicker J8, Patel K9, Beattie TL10, Cole S11, Toivonen K6, Nation J12, Peng P13, Thong B14, Wong R15, Vohra S16 Contemp Clin Trials. 2017 May 30 VIEW
Older Age Is Associated with Lower Optimal Vibration Frequency in Lower-Limb Muscles During Whole-Body Vibration. Carlucci F1, Orlando G, Haxhi J, Laudani L, Giombini A, Macaluso A, Pigozzi F, Sacchetti M. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2014 Sep 23 VIEW
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