Preliminary research on holding breath in treatment of cancer

Author: Cai Zhihen
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 144-145 , Word Count: 336

Modern medical science has saved and prolonged the lives of many cancer patients. Scientists in many countries are trying to explore more effective methods for cancer. Qigong, as a supplementary treatment, has gained obvious effect. Many patients have prolonged their lives by exercising Qigong, and many also return to health by exercising Qigong or receiving Qigong treatment from others.

According to modern medical research, the basic pattern of tumor cell is metabolized without oxygen, and whatever the cause of the cancer, cancer cell is produced and proliferated for lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen of cell has a relation with long blocked Qi and blood in cancer lesion. According to traditional Chinese medical science, if Qi and blood are blocked long, cancer occurs.

Based on the statement of holding breath in ancient Qigong documents and combining with the realization of traditional Chinese medical science and modern medical science to cancer, the author holds that holding breath is possible to cure cancer. When holding breath, frequency of breath of the mouth and nose is reduced, metabolism is slowed, oxygen consumed is less, and in blood the density of oxygen is higher, viscosity is lower, and the speed of blood flow is quicker.

Reduction of frequency of breath of the mouth and nose can eliminate nervousness quickly. Then the muscle tissue and organs will be relaxed highly, the pressure around blood vessels is lower, blood vessels are diastolic, and many blood capillaries open. In addition, under the state of holding breath, pressure in the body gets higher, which will stimulate the nerve endings and enlarge the permeable function. Therefore, under the state of holding breath, microcirculation will be improved quickly, and an obvious feeling of warmth appears, which is the reflection of the movement of Qi and blood.

The author holds that the main cause of cancer is that Qi is blocked and blood flow is retarded, and holding breath can invigorate the circlation of blood and subside swelling in a shorter time. Thus, it may cure cancer.