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Title Author Journal Date
On the scientific status of homeopathy Chibeni SS Br Homeopath J 2001 VIEW
Effect of yogic exercises on physical and mental health of young fellowship course trainees Ray US//Mukhopadhyaya S//Purkayastha SS//Asnani V//// Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2001 VIEW
Effects of Hatha Yoga Practice on the Health-Related Aspects of Physical Fitness Tran MD//Holly RG//Lashbrook J//Amsterdam EA Prev Cardiol 2001 VIEW
Status of lifestyle modifications in hypertension Chhabra MK//Lal A//Sharma KK J Indian Med Assoc 2001 VIEW
Tai Chi Chuan training to enhance microcirculatory function in healthy elderly men Wang JS//Lan C//Wong MK Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2001 VIEW
Self-reported benefits of t'ai chi practice by older women Taggart HM J Holist Nurs 2001 VIEW
Facilitators and barriers to elders' practice of t'ai chi. A mind-body, low-inten Chen KM//Snyder M//Krichbaum K J Holist Nurs 2001 VIEW
Conscious mind--conscious body Greene AU J Anal Psychol 2001 VIEW
Integration: a synergistic approach to health/wellness Roca HJ 3rd//Imes S SCI Nurs 2001 VIEW
Hands on Healing Ruttenberg J Better Nutrition 2001 VIEW
Influence the difference in the breathing method affects the Seika-Tanden and the center of gravity position Qu Guofeng 1//Asami T 2//Kato Y 3 J Mind-Body Science 2001 VIEW
An interdependent relationship between the dialectics of new paradigm and the science-technology of HADO Takao M J Mind-Body Science 2001 VIEW
From body schema to the imaginal body Shogo Tanaka S 1//Yuasa Y 2 J Mind-Body Science 2001 VIEW
Qi therapy as an intervention to reduce chronic pain and to enhance mood in elderly subjects: a pilot study Lee MS//Yang KH//Huh HJ//Kim HW//// Am J Chin Med 2001 VIEW
Static magnetic fields for treatment of fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial Alfano AP//Taylor AG//Foresman PA//Dunkl PR//// J Altern Complement Med 2001 VIEW
Mind-body common sense Booth RJ Adv Mind Body Med 2001 VIEW
Key to A Balanced Practice: Qigong Kabba A Acupuncture Today 2001 VIEW
Concept of 'Qi' or 'Ki' in Japanese qigong research Kokubo H Journal of Parapsychology 2001 VIEW
A body-mind-spirit model in health: an Eastern approach Chan C//Ho PS//Chow E Soc Work Health Care 2001 VIEW
Complementary and alternative medicine in early-stage breast cancer Tagliaferri M//Cohen I//Tripathy D Semin Oncol 2001 VIEW
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