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Title Author Journal Date
From Body to Mind and Spirit: Qigong Exercise for Bereaved Persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-Like Illness. Li J1, Chan JS2, Chow AY3, Yuen LP4, Chan CL2. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2015 VIEW
Effect of two jumping programs on hip bone mineral density in premenopausal women: a randomized controlled trial Larry A Tucker, J Eric Strong, James D LeCheminant, Bruce W Bailey Am J Health Promot Jan-Feb 2015 VIEW
Exercises for mechanical neck disorders. Gross A1, Kay TM, Paquin JP, Blanchette S, Lalonde P, Christie T, Dupont G, Graham N, Burnie SJ, Gelley G, Goldsmith CH, Forget M, Hoving JL, Brønfort G, Santaguida PL; Cervical Overview Group. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015 Jan 28 VIEW
Engagement in mindfulness practices by u.s. Adults: sociodemographic barriers. Olano HA1, Kachan D, Tannenbaum SL, Mehta A, Annane D, Lee DJ. J Altern Complement Med. 2015 Feb VIEW
[Effects of a physical activity program using exergame with elderly women]. Yu J1, Kim J2 J Korean Acad Nurs. 2015 Feb VIEW
Traditional chinese medicine for neck pain and low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis Yuan QL1, Guo TM2, Liu L1, Sun F3, Zhang YG1. PLoS One. 2015 Feb 24 VIEW
[Effects of a Physical Activity Program using Exergame with Elderly Women]. Yu J1, Kim J2. J Korean Acad Nurs. 2015 Feb 27 VIEW
The Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise for Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Yang Y1, Qiu WQ2, Hao YL1, Lv ZY1, Jiao SJ3, Teng JF3. PLoS One. 2015 Apr 1 VIEW
Exercise mode heterogeneity among reported studies of the qigong practice Baduanjin. Antonishen K1. J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2015 Apr VIEW
Advancing the science of mind-body interventions: a comment on Larkey et al. Porter LS1. Ann Behav Med. 2015 Apr VIEW
Changes in heart-rate variability of survivors of nasopharyngeal cancer during Tai Chi Qigong practice. Fong SS1, Wong JY2, Chung LM3, Yam TT4, Chung JW3, Lee YM5, Chow LP3, Luk WS6, Ng SS7. J Phys Ther Sci. 2015 May VIEW
Meditative Movement Therapies and Health-Related Quality-of-Life in Adults: A Systematic Review of Meta-Analyses Kelley GA1, Kelley KS1. PLoS One. 2015 Jun 8 VIEW
Qigong for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Hartley L1, Lee MS, Kwong JS, Flowers N, Todkill D, Ernst E, Rees K. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015 Jun 11 VIEW
Mind-body therapies and control of inflammatory biology: A descriptive review. Bower JE1, Irwin MR2. Brain Behav Immun. 2015 Jun 23 VIEW
The Effect of a Meditative Movement Intervention on Quality of Sleep in the Elderly: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wu WW1,2, Kwong E2, Lan XY1, Jiang XY1. J Altern Complement Med. 2015 Jun 29 VIEW
Efficacy of Liuzijue Qigong in Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Remission. Xiao CM1, Zhuang YC2. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2015 Jul VIEW
Alterations in brain grey matter structures in patients with crohn's disease and their correlation with psychological distress. Bao CH1, Liu P2, Liu HR3, Wu LY4, Shi Y3, Chen WF5, Qin W2, Lu Y1, Zhang JY6, Jin XM7, Wang XM3, Zhao JM1, Liu XM2, Tian J8, Wu HG9 J Crohns Colitis. 2015 Jul VIEW
Traditional Chinese medicine in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee Hou PW1, Fu PK2, Hsu HC1, Hsieh CL3. J Tradit Complement Med. 2015 Jul 2 VIEW
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of Qigong and Tai Chi for depressive symptoms. Liu X1, Clark J2, Siskind D3, Williams GM4, Byrne G5, Yang JL6, Doi SA7. Complement Ther Med. 2015 Aug VIEW
Effect of health Baduanjin Qigong for mild to moderate Parkinson's disease. Xiao CM1, Zhuang YC2. Geriatr Gerontol Int. 2015 Aug 26 VIEW
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