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[Music as adjuvant therapy for coronary heart disease. Therapeutic music lowers anxiety, stress and beta-endorphin concentrations in patients from a coronary sport group][Article in German] Vollert JO//Stork T//Rose M//Mockel M Dtsch Med Wochenschr 2003 VIEW
Everyday life in older men living alone - a complex view needing a biopsychosocial perspective. von Heideken Wågert P1, Nygård S2, Cederbom S1,3 Disabil Rehabil. 2018 Jul 16 VIEW
Psychological factors predict unexpected diagnoses. Vranceanu AM, Ring D. Hand (N Y). 2012 Jun VIEW
Exploring the Effectiveness of a Modified Comprehensive Mind-Body Intervention for Medical and Psychologic Symptom Relief. Vranceanu AM1, Gonzalez A2, Niles H3, Fricchione G4, Baim M3, Yeung A2, Denninger JW4, Park ER5. Psychosomatics. 2014 Jan 15 VIEW
The relaxation response resiliency program (3RP) in patients with neurofibromatosis 1, neurofibromatosis 2, and schwannomatosis: results from a pilot study. Vranceanu AM1, Merker VL, Plotkin SR, Park ER. J Neurooncol. 2014 Jul 15 VIEW
The Relaxation Response Resiliency Enhancement Program in the Management of Chronic Refractory Temporomandibular Joint Disorder: Results from a Pilot Study. Vranceanu AM1, Shaefer JR1, Saadi AF1, Slawsby E1, Sarin J1, Scult M1, Benson H1, Denninger JW1. J Musculoskelet Pain. 2013 VIEW
The role of nutraceuticals in anti-aging medicine. Vranesić-Bender D. Acta Clin Croat. 2010 Dec VIEW
Pilot study of DNA methylation, molecular aging markers and measures of health and well-being in aging. Vyas CM1,2, Hazra A3, Chang SC2, Qiu W2, Reynolds CF 3rd4, Mischoulon D1, Chang G5, Manson JE2,3,6, De Vivo I2,6, Okereke OI7,8,9 Transl Psychiatry. 2019 Mar 18 VIEW
Involvement of the nerve growth factor-inducible large external glycoprotein (NILE) in neurite fasciculation in primary cultures of rat brain W B Stallcup, L Beasley Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1985 Feb 1 VIEW
Yoga for cancer survivors with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: Health-related quality of life outcomes W Iris Zhi1, Raymond E Baser2, Lillian M Zhi3, Dristi Talukder4, Qing S Li4, Tina Paul4, Clare Patterson4, Lauren Piulson4, Christina Seluzicki4, Mary L Galantino5,6,7, Ting Bao1,4 Cancer Med 2021 Jul 2 VIEW
Action on NAD of human body field (measurement of UV spectral changes) Wa Dazhi//Zhang Anqi//Qi Wenqi//Chen Lixing//Liu Baodui 2nd Int Conf on Qigong 1989 VIEW
EFFECTS OF WHOLE BODY VIBRATION TRAINING ON THE PHYSICAL FUNCTION OF THE FRAIL ELDERLY: an open, randomised control trial. Wadsworth D1, Lark S2 Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2020 Mar 4 VIEW
Qi and Bioelectromagnetic Energy Waechter RL 2002 VIEW
Manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum via fields projected from human hands: A qi energy connection? Waechter RL//Sergio L Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine 2002 VIEW
Mind-body interventions: applications in neurology Wahbeh H, Elsas SM, Oken BS Neurology 2008 Jun 10 VIEW
One method for objective adherence measurement in mind-body medicine. Wahbeh H, Zwickey H, Oken B. J Altern Complement Med. 2011 Feb VIEW
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms: A Systematic Review. Wahbeh H1, Senders A, Neuendorf R, Cayton J. J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2014 Mar 27 VIEW
Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations. Waldmann-Selsam C1, Balmori-de la Puente A2, Breunig H3, Balmori A4 Sci Total Environ. 2016 Aug 20 VIEW
Teaching tai chi with mindfulness-based stress reduction to middle school children in the inner city: a review of the literature and approaches. Wall RB. Med Sport Sci. 2008 VIEW
Liquid qi Wallach Joe//Lan Ma 1st Int Cong of Qigong 1990 VIEW
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