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Title Author Journal Date
Detection and analysis of infrasonic sound signals from Qigong and extraordinary function Hou, S.L., Wang, X.B., Li, D.D., Meng, S.F., and Li, Y.Z. Journal of Chinese Somatic Science. 1993 VIEW
Qigong: Bio-Energy Medicine Sun GC. J Altern Complement Med. 2008 Sep 29 VIEW
Qigong for movement disorders: A systematic review Lee MS, Ernst E. Mov Disord 2008 Oct 30 VIEW
Qigong: bio-energy medicine Sun GC J Altern Complement Med. 2008 Oct VIEW
Menopause, the metabolic syndrome, and mind-body therapies. Innes KE, Selfe TK, Taylor AG. Menopause. 2008 Sep-Oct VIEW
Inhibitory effects of bio-energy therapies on cancer growth. An overview of recent laboratory studies in the U.S. and its implications in cancer treatment Chen, KW World Sciences and Technologies –Modernization of TCM and Materia Medica. 2008 VIEW
Effectiveness of tai chi for Parkinson\'s disease: a critical review. Lee MS, Lam P, Ernst E. Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2008 Dec VIEW
Clinical trials of meditation practices in health care: characteristics and quality. Ospina MB, Bond K, Karkhaneh M, Buscemi N, Dryden DM, Barnes V, Carlson LE, Dusek JA, Shannahoff-Khalsa D. J Altern Complement Med. 2008 Dec VIEW
Meditative movement as a category of exercise: implications for research. Larkey L, Jahnke R, Etnier J, Gonzalez J. J Phys Act Health. 2009 Mar VIEW
Development and assessment of a sham control protocol for cardiac medical Qigong exercises and acute effects on hypertension Larkey LK, Rizzo-Roberts N, Schwartz G. 15th Annual Institute for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Conference 2005 VIEW
The efficacy of kiko exercises on the prevention of migraine headaches: a pilot study. Elinoff V, Lynn SJ, Ochiai H, Hallquist M. Am J Chin Med. 2009 VIEW
Meditators and Non-Meditators: EEG Source Imaging During Resting. Tei S, Faber PL, Lehmann D, Tsujiuchi T, Kumano H, Pascual-Marqui RD, Gianotti LR, Kochi K. Brain Topogr 2009 Aug 4 VIEW
A Pilot Trial of Cosmic Freedom Qigong for Treatment of Fibromyalgia. Lynch ME, Sawynok J, Bouchard A. J Altern Complement Med. 2009 Sep 28 VIEW
Perceived Benefits of Meditative Movement in Older Adults. Rogers C, Keller C, Larkey LK. Geriatr Nurs 2010 Jan - Feb VIEW
The traditional western disease-curing medicine versus the self-healing based health recovery medicine He B 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf 2001 VIEW
Integrative Perspectives. Qigong: The Art of Self-Healing Schnauzer M Perspectives In Psychiatric Care 2006 VIEW
Scientific nutritive vegetarian diet for health and long life Wang Xiaoqing 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1998 VIEW
INFANTILE PARALYSIS TREATED BY QIGONG Ma Xuhe 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1996 VIEW
An experimental study of the effect of the emitted qi on arrest of radiated rat bone marrow Feng Lida//Chen Shuying//Zhu Lina 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1998 VIEW
Yuanji gongís influence on criminals' health level Wang Jishe//Qiu Binwu 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong 1998 VIEW
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