Francesco Garripoli - Qigong and Meditation

francesco garripoli portraitFrancesco Garri Garripoli is the Chairman of the Board of the Qigong Institute and is an author, Senior Qigong Teacher Certified with the National Qigong Association and wellness advocate. He began his formal training in Eastern healing in Hawaii in 1977 after leaving a full medical school scholarship. An Emmy Award-winning producer, his documentary "Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century" produced for PBS Television, was seen by 88 million viewers. Francesco teaches Qigong and meditation workshops and Instructor Certification trainings around the world.  He is Chairman Emeritus of the National Qigong Association, author of Qigong Essence of the Healing Dance and Tao of the Ride, and founded the non-profit CommunityAwake to further explorations in Qigong and personal transformation.  His YouTube Channel is

circle of meditation studentsDreaming Awake is a collection of Guided Meditations and concepts presented in the soon-to-be-published book by Francesco Garri Garripoli. One or more new audio recordings are added each month, so your paid subscription will provide you with at least a dozen new and empowering meditations each year recorded of Francesco sharing the core concepts of his upcoming book.  These MP3 audio meditations can be streamed live or you can download to listen on your mobile device or computer.

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It takes what it takes to polish a gem... I tumbled gemstones when I was a kid and learned patience by realizing that the longer I could hold out and let the tumbler do its thing, the more polished and smooth the gems would get.  No, it's not always about the actual length of time, but it does involve allowing what is necessary to unfold in life.

Heart strengthening and cleansing form by Francesco Garripoli, Emmy and Telly award winning Chairman of the Board of the Qigong Institute.