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Steve Green portraitBorn in Wakefield, England in 1953, Steve Green has been studying well-being and fitness since an early age. With a great interest in the internal working and the sculpture of the human body. Which later led to studies in human anatomy and mindfulness. Becoming a teacher in the fitness industry.Teaching meditation and weight assisted exercise.

His inner sense of internal energy and the use of the mind, eventually led to the study of Chinese alchemy and the martial arts, especially Chi Kung and the cultivation of Chi. After studying under several masters, exhausting an extensive library and numerous trips to Thailand to study under Master Iain Armstrong, one of the western worlds leading Chi Kung experts.

The decision was made, to pass on this accumulated knowledge. Steve has been developing and teaching Dragonfly Chi Kung for over a decade. With practitioners throughout the world. Dragonfly Chi Kung Retreat was opened in 2019, based in Asturias in the northern Spain.

Steve Green, Certified instructor in Chinese Chi Kung 

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Dragonfly Chi Kung Certified Instructor Courses

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* Dragonfly Chi Kung instructor training  and certification

* Learn teaching techniques

* Deepen meditation techniques

* Insight to chi, meridians, and vessels

* Seminars on rooting, breathing techniques, and more

* Accommodation* Daily, 3 healthy Asian-inspired meals

* Unlimited tea, coffee, and water

Dragon Fly Instructor Training

Chi Kung Instructor Training

You will be staying in a recently renovated farmhouse. You'll enjoy the beautiful mountain views and fresh air. There are gardens and fruit orchards with secluded hideaways for personal meditation. The house also comes with a quiet room for meditation, a dining and community room with a log burning stove for those chilly nights.

There are two room types available: a private room for one person or a shared room with single beds for 2 persons. All rooms share a spacious bathroom. The maximum group size will be 6, keeping instruction personal.

Join Dragonfly Chi Kung for an intensive 8-day instructor training course. At their unique mountain retreat in Asturias, Spain, experience your true potential and become a qualified Dragonfly Chi Kung teacher.

Qigong & Meditation Retreat

Meruxosa, Asturias, Spain

Dragon Fly Retreat Steve Green

The perfect place to relax, meditate, refine your practice and connect with nature.

Qigong and Meditation, compliment each other beautifully. Making our retreat a truly unique and memorable experience. Improve health,reduce stress.

Gain stamina, flexibility and inner strength.

Dragon Fly Retreat Center in Spain

Dragonfly Chi Kung and Meditation Retreat.

The retreat opened in 2019. Here we are, at one with nature. Surrounded by Trees and mountainous views. The retreat consists of  large recently renovated farm house, with separate living quarters for myself and partner. One the retreat side there is four rooms a meditation room and two bathrooms. Giving the capacity of eight persons. This is the ideal number giving the opportunity for personal tuition. The ground floor comprises of the kitchen and a large comunal room with dining area and space for activity´s and theory teachings and classes. Outside we have a purpose built Dojo. This is where we conduct most of the Chi Kung classes.

There is an extensive vegetable garden, which supplies the retreat with fresh organic veg. The upper part of the land is host to a cider apple orchard. There are numerous walks and hideaways around the property. And secluded areas for personal meditation.

A normal stay at the retreat  would be 3-7 days. Longer or shorter stays are available on request. See the website for a full list of classes including many forms of meditation and Chi Kung as well as Instructor Training.  

A unique retreat experience in Asturias, Spain.

There is a reason why so many Yoga teachers and martial artists come and stay with us. Some meditate, practice Yoga, even Reiki practitioners.

They all feel like they're missing something, that they can't connect or even know what to connect to.

We are specialists in Meditation and working with Chi (Chi Kung/Qigong).

As described by many customers. 

"We connect the dots." 

Allowing you to connect with and use the Chi that surrounds us.

Everything is easily explained in the daily workshops and  practices.

Come and join us, we guarantee that you will not only enjoy yourself, but also leave the retreat connected and open.