Dan Weicher - Recovering the Way

Dan Weicher portraitDan is a certified teacher of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi from the IIQTC and is in private practice as a Qi Healer at Bushen Healing and Life Arts in Bedford Hills, NY. There he works with Michelle Davidson, MPS, L.Ac., Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. He has amassed over 4000 hours in study, practice and teaching both Qigong and meditative practices.

Dan is also the President and CEO of Brooklyn Flexible Packaging LLC. His Flexible Packaging business has consistently been on the forefront of sustainability and shown that environmental enhancement and economic viability are not mutually exclusive. He has been awarded numerous grants for developing protocols that reflect environmental wellness. His clients range from local Brooklyn businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Opening The Door to Recovery with QIgong

Self Help programs, counseling and medications have helped millions deal with their challenging issues. Yet many people remain anxious and uncomfortable finding it difficult to attain a measure of balance and quietude even after years of work. They may have assumed that the unmanageability of disquiet will remain an enduring scar. 

Qigong offers tools and broadens options by opening the senses in a slightly different but very practical way. It makes possible the conditions for expanded awareness of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. It promotes conditions for increased oxytocin and serotonin levels which foster feelings of calmness, fluidity and safety.

Tai Chi Easy™ is a variation of Qigong originally developed by Dr. Roger Jahnke OMD*, that allows us to be more comfortable in our bodies and more present in the moment. Simple sequences of movement and quiescence allow us to experience a high level of mind/body awareness. The graceful gestures and the tranquil mindset become a resource that we can draw on to effectively manage stress; there is no need to learn an elaborate system. 

group of people doing qigong

Recovering The Way incorporates elements of the Tai Chi Easy program every week.  It offers many of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A purposeful integration of breath, movement and self awareness helps reveal our own inner essence of wellness. TCE is an effective way to increase range of motion, joint flexibility, muscle and skin tone, promoting vitality without exhaustion. It is a low impact, high results practice. We stay in our own comfort zone always.

Tai Chi Easy Meetup Group: Every Sunday 11:30 - 12:30 Eastern. Location: Currently on Zoom only.