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Title Author Journal Date
Telomeres and the Rate of Living: Linking Biological Clocks of Senescence James F Gillooly, Emily S Khazan Ecol Evol Physiol 2024 May-Jun VIEW
Effects of combined resistance training and Tai Chi on oxidative stress, blood glucose and lipid metabolism and quality of life in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Shuwan Chang1,2, Heng Liu3 Res Sports Med 2024 May 7 VIEW
The Role of Physical Activity in Adjunctive Nursing Management of Neuro-Degenerative Diseases among Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Interventional Studies Majed Awad Alanazi1 Life (Basel) 2024 May 7 VIEW
Tai Chi and Aerobic Exercise on Cancer-Related Dyspnea in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial Naomi Takemura1, Denise Shuk Ting Cheung1, Daniel Yee Tak Fong1, David Hui2, Anne Wing Mui Lee3, Tai-Chung Lam3, James Chung-Man Ho4, Tsz Yeung Kam5, Jeannie Yin Kwan Chik6, Chia-Chin Lin7 J Pain Symptom Manage 2024 May 9 VIEW
Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation as a novel therapy connecting the central and peripheral systems: a review Ningyi Zou1, Qing Zhou1, Yuzhengheng Zhang1, Chen Xin1, Yifei Wang1, Rangon Claire-Marie2, Peijing Rong1,3, Guojian Gao4, Shaoyuan Li1 Int J Surg 2024 May 9 VIEW
Effects of sedentary behaviour and long-term regular Tai Chi exercise on dynamic stability control during gait initiation in older women Yuxia Chen1,2, Chunxia Jin3, Hongyuan Tang2, Jinglun Yu1, Yuanxin Wang4, Shaolun Chen4, Wensheng Miao5, Shengnian Zhang1, Xiangdong Wang6 Front Bioeng Biotechnol 2024 May 9 VIEW
Impact of Baduanjin exercise combined with rational emotive behavior therapy on sleep and mood in patients with poststroke depression: A randomized controlled trial Yihan Liu1, Chen Chen1, Hanbin Du2, Mengzhou Xue1, Ning Zhu1 Medicine (Baltimore) 2024 May 10 VIEW
Optimal Tai Chi forms in knee osteoarthritis: An exploration from biomechanical rationale to pain reduction Feng Yang1, Jonathan Gelfond2, Donald McGeary2, Allen Perkins3, Alison A Moore4, Lixin Song5, Agustín Escalante2, Wei Liu6 Osteoarthr Cartil Open 2024 May 10 VIEW
Evaluating qigong as integrative support for COVID-19 and Long-COVID-19 rehabilitation: a systematic review Michele Antonelli1, Davide Donelli2 Front Psychol 2024 May 14 VIEW
The effects of Tai Chi Rouli ball exercise on bone mineral content and bone metabolism indicators in perimenopausal women Aili Xin1, Liumei Guo2 J Clin Densitom 2024 May 14 VIEW
Non-Pharmacological Strategies for Managing Sarcopenia in Chronic Diseases Jiawen Hu1,2, Yiwen Wang1, Xiaojian Ji1, Yinan Zhang1, Kunpeng Li1, Feng Huang1 Clin Interv Aging 2024 May 15 VIEW
Management of Fatigue in Adult Survivors of Cancer: ASCO-Society for Integrative Oncology Guideline Update Julienne E Bower1, Christina Lacchetti2, Yesne Alici3, Debra L Barton4, Deborah Bruner5, Beverly E Canin6, Carmelita P Escalante7, Patricia A Ganz1, Sheila N Garland8, Shilpi Gupta9, Heather Jim10, Jennifer A Ligibel11, Kah Poh Loh12, Luke Peppone13, Debu Tripathy7, Sriram Yennu7, Suzanna Zick14, Karen Mustian12 J Clin Oncol 2024 May 16 VIEW
The Development of a New Vagus Nerve Simulation Electroceutical to Improve the Signal Attenuation in a Living Implant Environment Daeil Jo1,2, Hyunung Lee2, Youlim Jang2, Paul Oh3, Yongjin Kwon1 Sensors (Basel) 2024 May 16 VIEW
The role of arts therapies in mitigating Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: a systematic review Xuexing Luo#1, Aijia Zhang#1, Hong Li#1, Yu Li2,3, Fangtian Ying1,4,5, Xiaoli Wang6, Qianxu Yang7, Zheyu Zhang1, Guanghui Huang1 Front Psychiatry 2024 May 16 VIEW
Feasibility and acceptability of a home-based virtual group exercise program in global Asian adult population: Baseline characteristics of a cohort study Jianghong Liu1, Yuanfei Liu1,2, Vienna Chen3, Wonshik Chee4, Eun-Ok Im4 Medicine (Baltimore) 2024 May 17 VIEW
Body listening in the link between symptoms and self-care management in cardiovascular disease: A cross-sectional correlational descriptive study Christopher S Lee1, Sang Hui Chu2, Julie Dunne3, Elise Spintzyk3, Giulia Locatelli4, Viktoriya Babicheva3, Louisa Lam5, Kelly Julio3, Summer Chen3, Corrine Y Jurgens3 Int J Nurs Stud 2024 May 17 VIEW
Neuromodulation and the Gut-Brain Axis: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Implications for Gastrointestinal and Neurological Disorders Baha' Aljeradat1,2, Danisha Kumar1,3, Sulaiman Abdulmuizz1,4, Mrinmoy Kundu1,5, Yasser F Almealawy1,6, Dima Ratib Batarseh1,2, Oday Atallah1,7, Michelle Ennabe1,8, Muath Alsarafandi1,9,10, Albert Alan1,11,12, Martin Weinand11,12 Pathophysiology 2024 May 17 VIEW
Effects of a Tai Chi rehabilitation program implemented using a hybrid online and offline mode on oxidative stress and inflammatory responses in patients with coronary heart disease: a randomized controlled trial Meize Cui#1, Qiuyang Wei#2, Yameng Li3, Mingyu Liu1, Ligang Sun4, Xinyi Liu4, Zaihao Chen1, Hui Fang1, Linli Liu5, Jiahao Fu6, Cuihan Li1, Haojie Li1, Yuxin Ma1, Xing Zhang1, Yuerong Huang1, Lujia Li1, Shaojun Lyu1, Jianwei Zhang1 Front Public Health 2024 May 17 VIEW
Advances in Exercise in the Clinical Trials of Migraine: A Scoping Review Woo-Seok Ha1, Min Kyung Chu2 Curr Pain Headache Rep 2024 May 18 VIEW
Tai Chi compared with cognitive behavioral therapy and the reversal of systemic, cellular and genomic markers of inflammation in breast cancer survivors with Insomnia: A randomized clinical trial Michael R Irwin1, Danny Hoang2, Richard Olmstead3, Nina Sadeghi4, Elizabeth C Breen5, Julienne E Bower6, Steve Cole7 Brain Behav Immun 2024 May 20 VIEW
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